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The Sunniest Part of the UK: Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a stunning British Overseas Territory situated on the south coast of Spain. It’over a thousand miles away from England, making it a spectacular tourist destination (and home) to the British.  

Home to the Barbary macaques, Gibraltar has some impressive wildlife. These apes live on top of the Rock of Gibraltar, a famous 426-meter-high limestone rock which rises out of the sea. The rock is an incredible tourist attraction.» >

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SHEIN UK Student Ambassador Scheme

At the start of July, I became an ambassador for the women’s clothing company SHEIN, an online fashion store 

The SHEIN ambassador programmealthough occasionally confused with influencer schemes, is designed specifically for students and open for application from any female students with an Instagram account and passion for fashion or photography.  

Once selected for the ambassador scheme, several benefits become available for members including access to a personalised discount code, monthly goodie bags, and the chance to earn an income» >

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Easy ways to minimise your personal production of waste

The unnecessary production of waste is becoming a large problem; a problem larger than it has ever been before for climate change. The overuse of plastic packaging in supermarkets is an issue that is hard for individuals to stop and reduce, however, we as individuals can make our own impact to help the environment in a few relatively easy ways.  

I believe that the easiest way to start reducing the amount of waste you produce is to take a look in your bedroom bin in your student room.» >

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2019 Christmas Guide

Once again as in olden days, it’s the happy golden days leading up to Christmas! For those that celebrate the holiday or like to partake in the festive season, this 2019 Christmas guide will give you some great ideas, advice and shout outs for current seasonal events and student deals.  

What to look forward to: 

If you weren’t planning on going home as the semester ends, the community of Reading host some promising Christmas events in the upcoming days and weeks.» >

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Buying Christmas Presents on a Budget

Loads of Christmas presents to buy but no money? Here’s my guide on how to buy all those presents without splashing out on the cash. 


Make sure that you buy the most important presents first. You don’t want to buy presents for all your friends before realising that you don’t have enough money to buy presents for your family.  

 Sales are your friend  

The best way to get good quality presents that your friends and family will actually like is to shop the sales.» >

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Beauty and Skincare Hacks

  1. When you’re travelling: 

When travelling, I always feel like I forget something in my makeup bag. Usually it’s not an essential product for me, such as mascara, howeversometimes I seem to forget my favourite eyeshadow palette. If you’ve forgotten your eyeshadow palette but have remembered the brushes, you can use bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow. Use the bronzer in your crease to add definition, colour, and depth, then use the highlighter on your eyelid to create a shimmery glow.» >

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