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Ticket To Ride

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

As an online adaptation of a train themed board game, Ticket to Ride runs the risk of feeling out of place amongst other games; however it succeeds in blending the two formats to form an enjoyable and simple experience.

It is a game based on the single goal of attaining the most points, by claiming rail tracks to connect the destinations on your tickets and by forming the longest route.» >

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Review: Super Mario 3D World

Author: Aaron Hall

It’s a weird one, describing a new Mario game. Those who are interested will likely know all about it already – such is their devotion to Nintendo’s persistent mascot. Those who don’t, however, likely won’t look up from yet another explosion in Call of Duty 5748 to pay Super Mario 3D World any attention. Maybe they’ll yell ‘LOLZ, yet another kiddy Mario game AGAIN #YOLO’, but that’s as much recognition as any game featuring the portly plumber will prompt from them.» >

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Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley

Author: Alex Lawler

While a title like “Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley” might sound like the half-assed hack job of some overly sappy education tool focused on positive thinking, it’s actually an XBLA title from a well-regarded studio. Twisted Pixel have had a few titles behind them; if you remember ‘Splosion man, an entertaining, if bare bones, platformer half lifted from Portal and half from Super Meat Boy; and The Maw, an action-adventure game half lifted from Katamari and half from Pikmin; then you remember Twisted Pixel’s output prior to Comic Jumper, a game half lifted from Contra and half from Spider Man: Web of Shadows.» >

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Nintendo unveil 2 New 3DS Designs

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Remember, remember the DS of November…make that two 3DS XLs. This month Nintendo are set to release two limited edition 3DS XLs in the run up to Christmas. The first, released on the 1st of November, celebrates one of Nintendo’s most loved characters, Luigi. The second, which is available to the public towards the end of the month, adopts an iconic Zelda theme.

The Luigi themed console has a white background decorated by block coloured prints of Luigi in three shades of green, paying tribute to his well-known green ensemble.» >

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Unreal Tournament: Through The Ages

Author: Aryan Alipour

Do you remember those games that your parents were led to believe would turn you into psychotic brain dead killers? Do you remember an evil narrating voice which would sometimes cut into your game and mention something so cool, it’ll make you want to repeat it. Have you ever played Unreal Tournament?

The Unreal Tournament Universe Only Changes Slightly In Each Game

As some of you may know, Unreal Tournament is a series of First Person Shooter Games developed by Epic Games and the lesser known Digital Extremes (took part in developing the Bioshock series in case you didn’t know).» >

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Watch_Dogs: Could it Become Reality?

Author: Aryan Alipour

A world were every electronic device is linked to a central network or series of central networks. Hackers with the ability to access our electronic devices and use them against us. This is the world we actually live in. But how far could reality be from that of the upcoming game from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs showcases the ideal of being able to hack an entire network which is connected to everything electronic within a city.» >

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Review: Pokémon X & Y

Author: Aaron Hall

Certain game series can get away without making significant changes to their formula — in fact, there are some that would risk infuriating their fans if they did alter too much. Games like The Legend of Zelda or Call of Duty carry a fond familiarity to them; they remain strong enough contenders in their genre that nothing is doing what they do better. Mario Kart, these games aren’t.» >

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Indie Round-up: Paper’s, Please

Author: Calum Rogers

Papers, Please is an independently developed PC title by Lucas Pope in which the player takes on the duties of a thankless border staffer charged with admitting and denying, entrants to the prosperous and freedom-loving Republic of Arstotzka.

The aim of the title, which is still curently in it’s beta stage of develpoment, is to make enough money to feed and shelter members of your family including your uncle, son, wife and mother -in-law, in the harsh Warsaw-Pact era nation.» >

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