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How do I make… Gravlax?

SCANDINAVIAN food is a new trend on the food horizon. Chefs like Jamie Oliver travel to the Sweden in his Jamie Does series, restaurants in the region are receiving Michelin stars (Danish Noma anyone?) and Scandi- inspired restaurants are popping up in places like New York. So what is the deal with Scandinavian food, what is it, where is it and can we make it? Salmon is common in the Scandinavian kitchen and now after Easter, with a bit of luck, you can find it on offer.» >

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Eat your greens (or purples) and enjoy them too

Back at uni and your wallet is not quite as full as it was before Christmas? Cabbage might not have the most tantalising reputation, but it contains important vitamins and antioxidants and is high in fibre. It’s possible to make the members of the cabbage family taste nice and, as they tend to be cheap as chips, it is worth a try, especially if you are on a tight student budget.» >

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Recipe: DIY pot noodles

Getting a bit bored of Pot Noodles? Why not try making your own, healthier and tastier version? Using a variety of different vegetables and flavours can help keep things interesting. This recipe uses mushrooms and spinach, but anything from red peppers to broccoli would also work well.  I’ve also suggested using prawns or chicken, but you could easily subsitute other meats, such as strips of beef, or vegetarian options, like tofu, beans, or other meat alternatives, such as Quorn.» >

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