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Your Valentine’s Day menu, sorted

Lewis Kaye, Katy Richardson and Sarah Lienard

Trying to impress that guy or girl you’ve been flirting with since that fateful Wednesday at the Union? Want something quick, simple and delicious that will ensure they’ll be back for seconds?

Don’t stay up all night (cooking) to get lucky, our student recipes will win you the heart of even the toughest critics (and if that fails, have some decent wine on hand).» >

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Review: Sam Stern’s student cookbook

I am sure I am not alone in saying that before starting university many freshers, like myself, received a few presents to wish them good luck. Many of these ‘presents’ seemed to arrive in an awkward abundance of plastic shopping bags and I soon began to expect the loving donations of food. All of which seemed to resemble the ones people collect in late autumn time in cardboard boxes to give to churches for charity organisations in preparation for the winter months.» >

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Graze: the solution to snacking

Graze is an online company that allows you to pick and choose from a variety of snacks that will be sent straight to your door.  Four snacks will arrive in each Graze box that you order, all based on how high you rate them on their website.  It’s an extremely easy and practical way of controlling your bad snacking habits, helping you to swap a packet of crisps for a portion of healthy dried fruit and nuts!» >

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’Tis the season to be jolly… and bake

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ more than the smell of festive baking wafting deliciously through the house. Here’s two recipes to get you started this winter. Whether you fancy making gingerbread men from scratch, or would rather cheat your way to freshly baked mince pies, there’s a recipe to suit any ability in the kitchen.

Gingerbread men

If you don’t have a ‘man’ shaped cookie cutter, try out different festive shapes, such as Christmas trees, or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could even try a gingerbread house (just eat the evidence if it doesn’t go as planned).» >

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Go slow to save time

Slow cooking is perhaps not the most exciting part of cooking, but it is an easy, cheap and brilliant way to prepare your food. You can leave the food to cook for up to 6 hours and come home to a ready-made dinner, what’s not to love?

There are a lot of slow cookers out there, all from different makes, varying sizes and prices ranging from £15 to £1000. I find it best to invest a bit of money (mine cost £25) but there is also no use in buying a pot that feeds 10 people if you only plan to cook for yourself.» >

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Recipe: Nutella cookies

Whether its smothered on toast or heated up with strawberries and marshmallows being dipped in it, everybody’s favourite guilty pleasure is undoubtedly the delicious Nutella. I always love finding new ways to try out my old favourite and this has to be the tastiest way I’ve tried so far. This recipe involves very few ingredients and most of it is probably lying around in the backs of your cupboards somewhere. It’s so easy because it’s literally a case of mixing it all together and baking – job done!» >

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Save money with Shopitize

Shopitize is a free app for iOS and Android phones, offering money-back deals on products and brands that you’re probably already putting into your supermarket trolley each week. The app features deals from ASDA (which most of us students will be familiar with), Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-operative and Waitrose (for the lucky few). Last week the deals ranged from bacon to yogurts, from washing up liquid to shaving gel.

The app is easy to use – you select the offer of your choice and the supermarket that you want to shop in, and answer a multiple-choice marketing question, generally about your shopping habits or the product itself.» >

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