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Christmas jumpers: Love or Hate?

Everyone has heard the debate about Christmas jumpers. Some people hate ‘em, and some people love ‘em. I am happily one of those that loves Christmas jumpers as I don’t think you can walk past one in a shop and not admire it! The best thing about Christmas is the fact that, at this time of the year, it’s easy to get away with the most bright and over-the-top festive jumpers.» >

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Winter Accessories: Have yourself a Merry Stylish Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and of course you will want to make an impact on that exciting day. As you will be eating a huge amount (I hope!) belts are a big no-no. Instead, distract those around you with statement jewellery that will drag the eye upwards, drawing the attention away from your expanding stomach! Chunky necklaces can jazz up any simple, loosely cut Christmas dresses that you will bring out on the day.

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Sparkle in time for Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching so it’s time to get into the festive spirit. Personally I think every outfit needs jewellery to complete the look, and Christmas is no exception. So if you don’t already own some lovely sparkly Christmas themed jewellery then now is the time to head down to the shops!

Claire’s Accessories is the best place to start with if you are looking for something fun, vibrant and inexpensive.

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Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is everywhere now it’s December; you can’t turn in a shop without a barrage of festival sparkle bombarding you from every angle! Buying a few petite cadeaux, as the French would phrase it rather quaintly, can be an overwhelming enormity of a task. Confused amongst a myriad of 3 for 2 at Boots? Trawling gift sections online hoping the perfect gift will suddenly materialize in front of your eyes?  Well, worry no more!» >

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Designer Crush: Zandra Rhodes

Who is she?

The fashionista: a local and the conqueror of Kent. Rhodes definitely is Kent’s diamond in the rough, stamping her identity across the world with exquisite textile prints. If you want individuality incorporated into a quality products Rhodes is the designer to choose. She is also the only woman known to man/woman/fashion extraordinaire with the ability to work blue eye shadow, mega-jewels and pink hair at seventy-three.

What’s her style?» >

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Layer Up

Keeping yourself warm and cosy in winter does not mean you cannot be stylish. Layering, here, becomes the key. Layering can be scary as there is the worry that it makes you look bigger. However, with these tips and tricks to get you through the cold season, layering can be sexy, not bulky.

A basic, lightweight top under a chunky cardigan is a really simple, comfy and versatile way of hotting up your style this winter.» >

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Campus Style

As the November days get chillier, the fashion stakes are hotting up! This week the Campus Style team layered up on the lookout for A/W fashionistas – could you be featured in our next issue?  
Masters student Maria makes a bold statement in her scarlet coat from Urban Outfitters; black on red is bang on trend this A/W season. By teaming it with a matching beret, she achieves a simple yet stylish look perfect for chilling on campus.» >

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Fashion Icon: Pippa Middleton


Pippa Middleton became a fashion icon when she followed her sister, Katherine, down the aisle in 2010. Her neck-line plunging, form-fitting ivory gown, designed by Sarah Burton stunned onlookers. Ever since, she has been featured on countless Best Dressed lists and bagged front row seats to many fashion shows.

However, Pippa Middleton has managed to create much controversy over whether her style is neigh or yay. Indeed, the Daily Beast asks, ‘Is Pippa Middleton Just Very Badly Dressed?’ However, I do not believe that this is true.» >

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