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Review: ZombiU

Author: Aaron Hall

Most of us play video games to relax and forget about a hard days work or an essay we know we need to get finished. We allow ourselves to get drawn into worlds filled with Italian plumbers and forever helpless princesses, historic battles of epic proportions and war torn countries with us right at the centre of it all. Games are there for our enjoyment and for our pleasure and with ZombiU those two emotions are not ones that initially come to mind.» >

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Album Review: Queens Of The Stoneage, ‘Like Clockwork’.

It feels like it’s been years since Queens of the Stone Age have released anything decent, though that’s probably because it has.  2007’s Era Vulgaris was a disappointment to most, especially after the superb Lullabies To Paralyze LP in 2005. But in between raising children and ruining the Arctic Monkeys it seems that frontman Josh Homme has had some time to write some good songs… with some great people.  Nine Inch Nails’ virtuoso Trent Reznor lends his Midas touch to the production, Alex Turner co-writes the track ‘Kalopsia’ and the piano tinkle on ‘Fairweather Friends’ is played by none other than Sir Elton John. » >

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