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Top 10 – Teenage films from the 1980s

The teen movie genre exploded in the 80’s. An era where Molly Ringwald was princess and John Hughes was King.  Here are the top 10 Teen movies of the 80’s.

1. Back To the Future (1985)

Michael J Fox plays Marty McFly a teenage boy with an unambitious family and a not so awesome life. Throw in a mad scientist named “Doc” and a flux capacitor and Marty’s life turns into an enchanting adventure set in 1950’s high school culture.» >

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Discussion – The Adaption Conundrum

Adaptation is something of a risk for any filmmaker. On the one hand, if you get it right, you have a guaranteed income from the already established fans and credibility of the material being adapted. On the other, if you get it wrong, then you get far more backlash, both critical and commercial from the same people. Normally, this dichotomy boils down to one of purity. Fans are especially loyal to the existing material, and so the less the final product resembles the original, the more they will complain.» >

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Film Review – Prisoners

Depending on your knowledge of detective thrillers, Prisoners could be seen as a predictable affair. I’ll confess that I guessed most of the various twists around the half way point, and in a less complex movie this would be an enormous issue. But fortunately the case itself is not the movie’s focus point. Prisoners’ main crux is to take plot lines and archetypes associated with the potboiler, and ground them in a sense of reality.» >

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Film Review – Thérèse Desqueyroux

Nothing could deter me more from wanting to watch a film than it concerning the lives of the early 20th century upper class; there’s something about the stifled formality of that life that feels utterly detached from reality. Yet such is the appeal of Audrey Tatou – inexorably linked to the infectious enthusiasm of Amelie‘s Amelie Poulain – that I found myself subconsciously drawn towards Thérèse Desqueyroux, a film that I really should have known to steer clear of.» >

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Film Review – Filth

Directed by: Jon S. Baird

Starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell

Running Time: 97 minutes

Genre: Crime Comedy-Drama

Filth is a masterpiece. It is not only one of the best films that I’ve seen this year, but one of the best films that I’ve seen ever. It’s hard to put into words just how much I enjoyed it. The plot was pure brilliance. It starts off a black-humoured comedy as presented in the trailers, but from the beginning has a depth that several other films spend hours trying to portray.» >

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TV Programme of the Week – 30 Rock

Tina Fey stars in a hilarious comedy that follows T.V writer Liz Lemon on the set of her show T.G.S. (The Girly Show). The show is a very loose and highly stretched out account of Tina Fey’s time at Saturday Night Live.

What makes this show brilliant is that each character is a hilarious representation of real celebrities from the T.V and movie industries, supposedly depicting how they act in real life.» >

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The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Often seemingly brilliant offers come with conditions which are at first hidden; but the Humble Bundle is the exact opposite. People pay what they want for the bundle of games. It’s possible to pay less than $1 for the three games, or once converted £0.65, but Humble Bundle organisers do put a limit of more than $1 to also get Steam keys for the games. Still, that is less than £1!» >

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Memory Palace at V&A


What of yours will survive?

This is the seminal question posed to us by ‘Memory Palace’, a vision of dystopia imagined in Hari Kunzru’s original novella and subsequently realised in the form of twenty specially commissioned works. Unifying art and literature, these works create a walk-in book or graphic novel that utilises the very forms that are outlawed in this fictional realm. For as visitors step into the exhibition, they enter a future London (a picture of stark contrast to the one we know); a city wiped completely by a magnetic storm centuries ago and left devoid of culture, technology and all knowledge of the past.» >

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