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Finding Dory: Review

As the announcer in the cinema addresses children, and their parents, to ensure phones are switched off and everyone is quiet during the film I remember my age, and how when I watched ‘Finding Nemo’ I was actually an appropriate age for this film. Thirteen years after the release of Disney’s original film ‘Finding Nemo’ our beloved childhood characters are back and I’m thrown into nostalgic remembrance of my youth as I realise I’m the only adult in the cinema unaccompanied by a child.» >

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Island – Aldous Huxley: A Review


As the first word one sees upon opening this book, attention is exactly what Aldous Huxley aims and succeeds to catch in his final, and arguably most philosophical novel, Island. First published in 1962, thirty years after his most famous novel, Brave New World, the story of Island takes place on the fictional Island of Pala during the twentieth century.

Often contrasted with the dystopian ills and fears of the world Huxley incorporated into Brave New World, Island, is a utopian novel which draws heavily upon the influences and benefits of western science and eastern philosophy in the world.» >

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