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The Job-Shop

Lily asked Jon from the Job shop how he thought their first year had gone and whether they are making a big difference to students from Reading getting a job, either part time or full time!

Could you briefly outline what the JobShop does?

The Job Shop, run by the University’s Careers, Placement and Employment Centre, located in the Students’ Union, provides students with a wide range of part time and vacation jobs along with internship opportunities.  

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Have you considered being a Masters student?

We interviewed three Masters students about what it was like doing the extra year of study and their opinions on their course and whether it could further their careers and job prospects.

What did you study at undergrad level and what do you do now?

Matt- Human and Physical Geography.

Lucian- My BSc was in Mathematics, MSc in Financial Management.

Anne- I am a mature student (51) I studied psychology graduating in 1984 and work as a clinical psychologist.

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Careers advice – Week 1 & 2

The RED Award – all your questions answered!


I’ve heard about the RED Award but why should I get involved?


Quite simply the RED Award is here to help you get a job, whether that’s work during the holidays, an internship or a graduate job. The activities you get involved with as part of the scheme – volunteering, work experience and training & development sessions – give you evidence of the ‘real life’ skills employers are looking for.» >

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Hello from your Careers Crew!

The Careers, Placements and Experience Centre (more affectionately known as the Careers Centre) would like to say a very big hello and welcome back to all our new and returning students.

Important things you need to know about the Careers Centre

  • You can come and see us at any point during your degree – not just at the end when you’re looking for a graduate job, the earlier the better!
  • You don’t have to know what you want to do to come and see us, we have the expertise and can help you build up your ideas from ground zero
  • We run the Job Shop based in RUSU, which is open 10-4pm during term time helping you find part time, term time work and summer internships
  • We run the RED Award, an employability and development scheme which rewards you for building up employability skills through your extracurricular activities
  • We run specific sessions for your course, faculty as well as through our central programmes
  • We host employers and careers fairs on campus throughout the year

Careers Events, for more information and booking, please visit www.reading.ac.uk/careers/myjobsonline

Date Event Location Start time
02/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington  Building 101 14:00
03/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington Building 101 14:00
09/10 CV workshop Carrington Building  201 13:00
14/10 No career ideas Carrington Building 101 13:00
15/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington Building 101 13:00
15/10 Job hunting made easy Carrington Building 101 13:00
16/10 Getting into teaching Carrington Building 201 13:00
16/10 Part Time Jobs Fair 3Sixty 11.00 -15.00pm
17/10 Where are the jobs Palmer B 103 13:00
17/10 PWC evening in HBS HBS 18:30
18/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions HumSS G74 13:00
18/10 CV workshop CB 101 13:00


Please keep your eye out for updates to our events on myjobsonline, as we can sometimes receive bookings from employers after Spark* has gone to print.» >

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Making and saving money at uni

HOW many times have you already checked your bank balance for that first student loan payment? Unless you’re already one of the super rich – if so this article probably isn’t for you – that first payment will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot… for about a week. Then, once you’ve coughed up accommodation fees, (or in the case of Mackinder/Stenton/Childs residents, passed out with shock, slowly come round and then cried while paying everything straight back out again) you’ll be feeling the pinch.» >

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