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Memory Palace at V&A


What of yours will survive?

This is the seminal question posed to us by ‘Memory Palace’, a vision of dystopia imagined in Hari Kunzru’s original novella and subsequently realised in the form of twenty specially commissioned works. Unifying art and literature, these works create a walk-in book or graphic novel that utilises the very forms that are outlawed in this fictional realm. For as visitors step into the exhibition, they enter a future London (a picture of stark contrast to the one we know); a city wiped completely by a magnetic storm centuries ago and left devoid of culture, technology and all knowledge of the past.» >

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Embrace Autumn

There’s nothing more satisfying than autumn in Britain; with its crunchy crisp leaves, root veg overload and frosty mornings. With the array of copper, rust and auburn hues dominating the natural world as everything settles down to hibernate for the impending harsh winter months, it is one of the calmest seasons. Obviously, one cannot avoid the lashings of rain of an October afternoon, or the unpleasant cold wake ups before trudging to lectures/ work – not forgetting the short daylight hours!» >

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996631_10151653098601837_293670177_n         Mamma Mia! 


Last weekend I finally got to the see the show that I have been waiting years to see. I had tickets to see it on Broadway in New York but due to the Hurricane that became known to me as ‘Selfish Sandy’, the show was unfortunately cancelled so my waiting continued once more but all good things come to those who wait and Mamma Mia certainly did not disappoint.» >

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A day in the life of a commuting fresher!

I’d already carefully picked out what I was going to wear, planned what time to leave and made sure I had enough information about the upcoming weeks. And no, this wasn’t for any particularly crucial event. All this preparation was for my first day at Reading University. The first of October 2012. The sun was shining (after months of rain I thought it was about time!) and I began my walk to the station.» >

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From Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s

 The 80s. The era of shoulder pads, riots, the very first London Fashion Week, garish décor and the invention of Pac-Man.

Yet it was also an era of originality, honesty & rule-breaking which influenced the fashion world, & still does today.



The V&A’s new exhibition celebrates this vibrant period of creativity by showcasing archive footage and over 85 outfits from some of the era’s leading designer’s including: John Galliano, Paul Smith & Vivienne Westwood.» >

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Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde

The Tate Britain’s commanding exhibition flourished with artistic brilliance whilst exposing the underlying themes of sin, corruption and power in the Victorian era.


The Tate Britain took over last autumn 2012 through to January 2013 by the politically radical and socially charged Pre-Raphaelite exhibition. Founded in 1848 by William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, known as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB), the movement attracted the attention of the art world.» >

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Reading- Your brave new world!

What do you need to know if you have just moved to Reading and you are starting a new life – an academic journey and a period of self-discovery? Apart from knowing where the best pubs are one thing is sure: you need a sense of place! If you wonder ‘what Reading is all about and what can you do here’ I suggest you start with Cormac McCarthy’s observation from the novel Cities of the Plain: ‘The world to come must be composed of what is past.» >

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An artistic year- 2013

What a year it has been in the art world! If you missed the fantastic exhibitions on offer, make sure you earmark some other great exhibitions in 2014 and don’t forget to check the archives online. Do not fear, there are still opportunities to go to the annual Frieze, Moore & Rodin and Sarah Lucas’ first major solo exhibition…find out below.

Damien Hirst: revamped Brit Awards
Hirst’s legacy in the art world and powerful iconic works commanded his ambitious retrospective exhibition last summer, flourishing with intelligence, self-confidence and oozing with artistic brilliance while exposing the underlying themes of mortality, aesthetic desire and the conflict between religion and science.» >

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