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Donor generosity is a springboard to student volunteering

Donors have a significant impact across the University, from bursaries and hardship funds, through research and equipment, to extra-curricular activities that allow students to grow and develop their skills. We are so grateful to all our donors, many of whom are alumni. 

Donor generosity helped launch University of Monsters, a Reading University Student Union community volunteering initiative. University of Reading students introduce primary school children in less-privileged areas of Reading to the concept of higher education, the diversity of subject matter within it, and their potential access to it.

Primary school students were invited to campus to take part in a series of inter-active multi-disciplinary activities aimed to raise subject awareness and aspirations as well as introduce the students to what a university is.

This initiative offers University of Reading students an opportunity to give back to their community while gaining experience in planning, communication and working with children.  For local school children, we hope that after this University becomes a realistic and exciting option.

To read more about the many ways donors support student activities, or to make a donation, please visit http://alumni.reading.ac.uk/givingtoreading. To volunteer for this University of Monsters please contact volunteer@reading.ac.uk .

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