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Join us!

Are you interested in a career in journalism, marketing or design and want to gain some valuable experience? The Spark are looking for new members to join our committee and journalist team.

If you are interested in applying for any roles please contact the relevant department below or send an email to our Editors:

 Print : editor.spark@reading.ac.uk.





The Committee is  a vital part of the paper. If you are considering joining you will be involved in all aspects of the paper depending on if you choose to be part of the Print or Online team.  You will be required to attend meetings which normally happen once every other week . From design to pitching ideas we hope to make this a fun experince for all students involved.

 Online Lifestyle Editor:

Love fashion ? Enjoy giving tips and tricks to your friends or want to find funky places on campus to cover ? Try out for our Lifestyle role and help make The Spark fabulous! We are looking for someone who wants to help our students feel great about themselves . You will be in charge of choosing what is the latest trends for campus, travel ideas , giving advice for those stressful situations such as exam season and showing off the glamour of Reading. Think this is up your street then email our Student Activities Officer to find out more :student. activities@rusu.co.uk

Head Of Photography:

Photo credit to Chase Elliot Clark, https://goo.gl/BlMpOl

If you have an eye for photography, a knack for social media (specifically Instagram) and are detail oriented, why not join the team? A high level of self-motivation, attention to detail, knowledge in the area and commitment are needed in order to become successful in this position. If you are interested in applying fill out the application form here: Head of Photography Application and send it to student.activities@rusu.co.uk .

Photography Assistant:


We are looking for someone to help develop our creative corner and fill our issues with colour !  We’re looking for someone  who is able to  assist in our photography archive of Flickr monthly basis where every issue which will be printed in the newspaper, capture moments, attend events and ensure that our Instagram is up to date on a weekly basis. If you are interested in applying fill out this application form here: The-Spark-Photography-Assistant-Application and send to sparkphotographers@yahoo.co.uk .

Head Of Marketing & Distribution:

unrkg2jh1j0-olu-eletu Think that you are business savvy ? Why not put your skills to the test by becoming our next promoter. The Marketing and Distribution role is for someone who has good business, marketing and finance skills. We are looking for someone who is interested in the ability to boost our already impressive 2000 circulation, to fulfil the role. If you are interested, please download an application form hereMarketing and Distribution Application and email it to our Student Activities Officer to find out more :student. activities@rusu.co.uk


Other Roles:

Cartoonist & Comic Strip Artist:


Have a passion for colour or enjoy making your classmates laugh ? Then this is the job for you! We are looking for someone who can tell a story through stunning pictures and show off their creative skills . If you are keen on this role please send a few photos of your work to our Editors with a brief description of what you can offer as an artist .


Journalists & Photographers:         

k-hmcichjag-luca-bravoWe are always looking for fresh talent for both Online and Print. If you  are interested in sharing your work or have a story to tell then do not hesitate and email the relevant Section Editor from our list:

– News: news.spark@reading.ac.uk

– Lifestyle: lifestyle@sparknewspaper.co.uk

– Sports: sport@sparknewspaper.co.uk

– Entertainment: entertainment@sparknewspaper.co.uk

– Art & Photography: sparkphotographers@yahoo.co.uk