Berkshire’s Bright Film Future in new Shinfield Studios

Set to be one of the largest film and TV studios in the UK, new media complex Shinfield Studios will take up residence not 3 miles from Whiteknights campus in Reading. 

The future of Shinfield Studios looks bright in the eyes of Berkshire’s film and television enthusiasts, with the demand for studio space in the UK ever-growing. Online video streaming services increased 71% (Ofcom, 2020) during the Coronavirus pandemic, with most households averaging 45 hours a week consuming online media. WIth no signs of this number decreasing, Shinfield Studios appears to be a worthwhile long-term investment into the UK economy.

Production is already looking promising, with media conglomerate Walt Disney Studios (parent of Marvel, Pixar, ESPN, Lucasfilm, ABC news, The History Channel; to name a few) as the studios’ first client. 

Low-carbon technologies, including solar panels and no natural gas usage, are in the plans for the studios to reduce carbon output by 20% in the name of sustainable production. 

In order to aid production for the largest global television clients, the buildings will encompass over 85,000 square meters of studios, stages, and offices- all designed to host film workshops and increase job opportunities in partnership with the University of Reading.

It is estimated that the 18-stage facility will generate around £600 million of revenue annually for the UK upon its completion in 2024. 

By Sophie Downton

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