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Winter Bath Edition

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Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath:

Perfect for this season is the fruity and sweet scent of the Fresh Fig Honey Bath by Laura Mercier. It also has a slightly woody fragrance, creating the ultimate comfort for those dark autumnal and winter nights. The packaging comes with a honey dipper which, I feel, adds an extra feature to make bath time feel that much more luxurious! At around the £30 mark, it is a stretch of most students’ budgets, but it does last a long while depending on how many baths you take (of course) and I haven’t yet found a product that makes me feel as cosy in the bathtub as this does so it definitely deserves a place on your Christmas list.

Origins Ginger Bath Float:

If you like bubbles in your bubble bath, then this product was made for you. Also in terms of scent, the ginger of this Origins Ginger Bath Float really permeates the air and makes your whole bathroom smell nice and warm and spicy, without having to use excessive amounts of product. However, it is not the type of spicy scent that is overwhelming, like some scents often associated with winter and Christmas time can be. The scent is very comforting and is perfect for a nice winter bath with a couple of your favourite candles burning (may I recommend Yankee Candle’s Salted Caramel). At around £22 this is a bit of a splurge, but one that is totally worth it.

Radox Herbal Bath Nourish (with Ginger and Shea Butter):

I went home the other weekend, and my mum always shunning me for spending so much on beauty products (oops), had this Radox Herbal Bath Nourish in our bathroom. Not only is it affordable, it genuinely does what it says it does in the name. It left my skin feeling significantly softer which is essential in this cold weather and you can actually smell the lovely scent of ginger. At £1 not even a student has an excuse to shy away from this…

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