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What’s in my Makeup Bag

1.    Maybelline’s Baby Lips:

I absolutely love this product. It gives me exactly the finish on my lips I look for and instead of having to apply a lip-balm and then a lipstick over it, I only have to apply this once and I’m good to go. I’ve got the ‘Cherry Me’ version and I have to say I am very pleased, it gives me the perfect amount of hydration for dry lips at the same time giving that hint of colour that I need so I don’t look like a zombie. And with a price of £2.99 from Boots – it won’t break the bank either!

2.    Bobbi Brown’s Corrector and Concealer:

Now these are 2 separate products but I couldn’t live with one without the other. This product is great for those who have experienced the wrath of grey under-eyes after applying concealer. It is the corrector’s job to get rid of the purply-bluey tinge you get under your eyes so that when you apply your concealer over it, you get a flawless finish. I have tried EVERY concealer ever, high-end, low-end you name it, and nothing works better than this! They both retail separately at £18.50 in John Lewis – it’s a lot but if you have troublesome bags/dark circles, you won’t regret splashing the cash!

3.    Sleek’s Blush:

Everyone knows winter brings along with it the colour fading off of your face, which is never good. That’s why I thought it was probably time to invest in a good blusher. This is the first Sleek product I’ve ever bought and I have to say I’m neither loving it nor hating it. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and whilst it has lasted me a while (I haven’t seen the bottom of container yet), it doesn’t have the greatest colour pay-off. Sleek’s Blush (mine’s in Coral) retails at £4.49 in Superdrugs.

4.    Real Technique’s Stippling Brush:

If you don’t have a lot of time to put make up on (and let’s face it, who does when there’s a 9am to attend?), this will be your holy-grail product. Applying your foundation and powder with this brush will give you a sheer yet airbrushed finish. It doesn’t leave those embarrassing foundation marks where you’ve forgotten to blend and its soft bristles are kind to any skin-type. It retails at Boots for £11.99 but it saves you the hassle from buying separate brushes for your foundation, powder, concealer and blusher so is absolutely worth the money!


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