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A Tribute To Lou Reed: 1942-2013

On Sunday the 27th October, the music world lost one of its most talented, unique and profound songwriters that ever lived, a musician many still believe to have been overlooked and undervalued. His death did not necessarily come as a shock, he had recently had a liver transplant, but he was quoted as feeling ‘stronger than ever’ on his website and, therefore, perhaps his fans had felt more optimistic for his future.» >

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Ash Atalla: Out of The Office

Ash Atalla is an Egyptian-born British television producer responsible for the creation and production of much-loved comedies such as The I.T Crowd and The Office. He is currently running Roughcut TV, one of the fastest growing independent production companies in the UK, with recent works such as Cuckoo and World’s Craziest Fools.

How did you first get into the business of comedy production?

I left a job in the city aged 26 and started at the bottom in the BBC, I wrote sketches and networked furiously.

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Cycling Holidays in Europe

For a lot of people, the idea of doing a cycling holiday may sound horrendous. I know a lot of people who believe that a holiday is a chance to get away and do nothing but relax and sunbathe. The thought of cycling instead of reclining to them is less than appealing. However, I have found that cycling is one of the best ways to experience and travel across a country.» >

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An Interview With Sub Focus

Coming off the back of a massive year, this week Ollie managed to get hold of the one and only Sub Focus for a quick chat!

It certainly has been a long time since you released your first album. How have you made this album differ from the first?

 I think my sound has moved on quite a bit from my first album. There are a lot more songs on this record and it is more of a listening journey I guess, my first was much more a club album with songs that were working really well with my DJ set.» >

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A trip to Nepal: Monks and mountains

Nepal is a country that seems to be regularly overlooked compared to other countries in its close vicinity, such as India and Thailand. The country itself is one of the more diverse in terms of culture, wildlife and terrain. Nepal offers some of, if not the best, trekking in the world with the world famous Annapurna circuit and Everest Base Camp treks. The country is very student friendly, the people are naturally some of the most amiable you are likely to meet when travelling.» >

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