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Struggling with Acne-Prone Skin? Try Bioderma.

Bioderma’s skincare range has so much variety that you will be able to find the perfect skincare product to suit you.

I do not consider myself to have acne-prone skin, although I have certainly experienced the struggle with finding the right skincare products when I was 14 to treat my hormonal breakouts. I have normal to combination skin, yet I still get a few spots now and again and I am a big fan of finding the right products to treat them.» >

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Corfu, Greece: The Perfect Student Budget-Friendly Holiday Location

It’s hard finding a holiday to fit a tight budget when you’re a student at university paying a ridiculous sum of money every month on rent, bills, food, a social life and textbooks… the list goes on. With myself experiencing this and needing to be careful with my money, I still wanted to go on holiday with my friends once I finished my second year at university to treat myself.

It took a lot of researching online, but two of my friends and I found the perfect holiday to Corfu, Greece which in total cost £450 each!» >

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Need Skincare Essentials for Your Summer Holiday? Try Bioderma.

Bioderma is a high-quality skincare brand I have recently discovered. Their products have worked the best for me over the British summer since it is festival season and the perfect time for summer holidays around Europe! Recently I’ve been able utilise their ‘Sensibio Wipes’, ‘Photoderm Refreshing After-Sun Milk’ and their ‘Hydrabio Eau de Soin’ a lot.

Bioderma’s makeup erasing ‘Sensibio Wipes’ have been a lifesaver recently. After a night out when I simply cannot be bothered to search through my draws for a cotton pad I can grab these wipes and my makeup will be erased in seconds!» >

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Honest Burgers: Reading

Honest Burgers is a lovely restaurant situated in the heart of Reading town centre. Currently, Honest Burgers are incredibly student-friendly as they are offering 30% off food for students, every Monday – Thursday between 11.30-17.30. With this exciting discount, you can get a fantastic burger (there are many to choose from) with a generous portion of rosemary salted chips.

Their beef comes from small farms in the Scottish Highlands. Personally, I am more of a chicken fan, so I decided to order the Jerk Chicken burger which is exclusive to the Reading restaurant.» >

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