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Travel tips: How to create a travel blog

1. Read other travel blogs

By simply typing ‘travel blog’ into Google it brings up hundreds of different options for you to browse through. Alternatively, you can have a look through various travel magazines. These will often suggest or recommend blogs. By researching widely it is a great way of gaining inspiration; finding out what works and what doesn’t in the blogging world and eventually leads to you creating your own style and approach.» >

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Travel tips: The art of sleeping on demand

If there’s one thing stereotypical students are good at, apart from studying and drinking of course, is sleeping. For many of us a train or bus journeys in and around the UK are relatively short and quick; twenty minutes, an hour or two maximum, so sleeping isn’t necessary. However when backpacking abroad, it’s a necessity. So when it comes to being able to sleep on demand usually on busy transport (sometimes accompanied by Chickens or other creatures), the average Joe or Josephine struggles.» >

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The Hitch

A few days ago I landed back in England after a crazy (and incredibly cheap) two weeks hitch hiking through Europe and touring around Morocco. Now you may be wondering how a two week holiday when on a student budget is possible?

Well here’s how! In November I signed up to participate in a charity hitch hike through France and Spain to Morocco, with Hitch. Hitch also runs one to Croatia, if going to Morocco doesn’t sound like your cup of tea.» >

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A trip to Bath and Stonehenge



On the 2nd March 2012 the Travel Society at The University of Reading endeavored upon a short pilgrimage to Bath and visited England’s very own, “wonder of the world”: Stonehenge. So, you’re thinking: cavemen. Ancient rocks. Pagans. Big deal! Well, I initially thought that too when I signed up to go. But after an hours drive to get there I began to see and truly appreciate why these rocks are so special to our culture. » >

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Editor’s pick: Thailand’s hidden gems

Here are our five other hidden gems of Thailand:

1. Pai, North Thailand – here’s where you can ride an Elephant at many of the Elephant camps they have; take a two/ three day jungle trek up into the mountains and stay with a hill-tribe for a night or two (drinking whiskey and trying their local cuisine). Another bonus is immersing yourself in the hot springs for a thorough exfoliation!
Also, have you ever fancied tubing in Vientiane, Laos?» >

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Vietnam: The Journey for South to North

An extract from Hannah Banks’ blog, ‘HanBanksy’:

My time in South-East Asia was coming to a close. I had three weeks left and these were to be spent backpacking from the south of Vietnam to the north. For the past month I had spent it in Cambodia teaching English at a primary school in Siem Reap. My journey through Vietnam began with a goodbye to the teaching and forest volunteers we left behind in Phnom Penh, before taking a short tuk tuk ride to the bus station and waiting for hours for our night bus to leave for Vietnam – we found out later that the driver had taken a nap.

» >

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