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Travel tips: The perfect road trip

Fancy getting away from Reading for a weekend? Have a cheap vacation? Travel a country at your own pace? See things you wouldn’t usually get to see? Road trip. I have just finished a week’s road trip (or should I say adventure!) in a campervan and couldn’t recommend it more, so here’s a few tips to help you get started.

1. Pick your route.

You need to decide whether you’re aiming for a certain destination, want to travel at your own free will or pick a well known road trip route.» >

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Study Abroad: A Trip Down Under

With all the excitement of Fresher’s Week the decision to study abroad may seem one of many things to add to a distant “to do” list. However, it comes around fast (trust me!) and is worth considering before it passes you by. If you fancy adding experience and skills to your CV, see part of the world and throw yourself into another culture then this could be for you. Some courses allow you to take a whole year abroad, whilst others, like mine (English Literature), allow you to do a semester.» >

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Top five places to visit in Morocco

Morocco, just a ferry ride from Spain yet an entirely different world. Here are our top five places to visit:

 1. Marrakech – The Tourist Capital, and it is not hard to see why! Check out the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, full of snake charmers, henna, performers and street food. For the best view of the square visit one of the surrounding Cafes, surprisingly cheap for the best spot in town.» >

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Editor’s pick: Italy’s hidden gems

Here are our top five gems in Italy:

1. Tuscany: 

Explore the traditional Italian countryside, it is well renowned for its wine and food! Hiring a car is the best way to get to the vineyards, isolated villages and historic sites- such as San Gimignano for the many towers unchanged since the middle ages; Monteriggioni to spot the odd film star; and Bagno Vignoni to visit traditional Roman baths.

Sienna is a major spot and easily accessible.» >

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Don’t Worry – IT’S FIJI TIME!

The sound of the assembly hall coming alive with the children’s leaving song pricked tears from my eyes as it dawned on me that home was on the horizon. Home, it seemed a hazy memory after experiencing life in the remote south pacific. Home, where people wore shoes and were on time – what was that again? After a seven hour delay, the supposed welcoming sight of three Fijian’s merrily singing with guitars was suffocated by the lack of air conditioning.» >

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Hong Kong – An Asian City of extremes

From the metro I caught flashes of skyscrapers reaching upwards and competing for space. Bright advertising lights painted in any gaps in the metropolis. The fauna of the hills loomed in the background, now a distant memory after spending a few days in the bustle of the concrete jungle; full of an array of sights, sounds and life. Hong Kong. Originally a stop over to break the longitude of travelling on to Australia as part of my backpacker adventure, I had not really known what to expect apart from a bustling city.» >

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