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America pushes to restrict tourism unless Peace deals are reached

American officials are increasingly worried in regards to the recent clashes in violence which have been occurring in Colombia since the Peace deals failed.

In the bomb attack outside the presidential palace five American tourists have been confirmed dead, with twenty Americans injured, although identification is still taking place, so this figure could rise.

American officials are publishing new travel rules and are believed to be about to urge American citizens to cease travel to Colombia, in response it is believed that travel insurance will rise due to the safety concerns.» >

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Trouble in the Colombian cabinet?

An insider has informed The Colombianos that divisions in the cabinet are rife. The insider has reported that ‘The Foreign Minister is attempting to undermine the government by co-operating with FARC. He is attempting to undermine the President and has asked members of the Cabinet to support his bid for presidency in a coup.’

HOWEVER, we are led to believe that this is only because so far peace talks have not been successful with FARC.» >

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Failing Peace negotiations and Press release.

Peace talks in Panama between the Colombian government and the left-wing militia, FARC, have collapsed. Footage of the conference showed the two ministers leading the negotiations storming out of the conference after just 30 minutes. This must be a disappointing blow for both parties, especially after it took days to organise the conference in the first place.

FARC has released a press statement saying ‘The Colombian government has shown its true colours today by walking out on peace talks with FARC showing that they do not have the Colombian people at heart and they care nothing for peace in our glorious country.» >

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Conflict in the Colombian cabinet as FARC is no longer found to be responsible

Conflict in the Colombian cabinet has occurred over how is best appropriate to respond to the terrorist group, Los Rastrojos, which has claimed responsibility for the two bomb attacks.

‘As a democratic president i listen to my people. I listen to the voice of freedom’ President Santos. 

However the minister of Justice and Law has informed me that FARC (in the peace negations) asked for a joint government coalition, and end poverty and they want to consolidate their territory.» >

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FARC – no longer held responsible for bomb attack

Los Rastrojos, the paramilitary right wing group, has claimed
responsibility for the bomb attack killing two negiotiators earlier
today and the recent oil tanker attack.

This is contrary to the government’s recent claims that it was carried
out by FARC fighters.

The government’s approval ratings have plummeted in the wake of this,
with many Columbians suspecting that the FARC have unfairly been blamed
for the previous attack.

Los Rastrojos claim that the government is not being harsh enough on the
FARC considering their extreme human rights abuses and the deal to allow
FARC to become a political party and have guaranteed seats in Parliament
is not fair for the Columbian people.» >

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The Colombianos: National Defence Minister embroiled in celebrity sex scandal

The Colombianos can officially confirm that National Defence Minister Luis Carlos Villegas Echeverrihas been having an affair with celebrity Gabriela Días, award winning actress and singer. Although information regarding their ‘liaison’ is sketchy, it is believed they met last year at the India Catalina TV awards show.

The Colombianos have received evidence to support the claims of this affair, evidence which includes CCTV photos of the pair in a hotel lift and lobby, where it Is believed that they have been meeting in secret.» >

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Colombian government release video and statement regarding car bomb attack and FARC



Inspector responsible: [REDACTED]

The national police have released a report into the bombing resulting in the death of two chief Colombian negotiators.

The techniques used in this attack undeniably link it to the so called “FARC” movement.

Including the 2 chief negotiators,

The ANI has obtained closed circuit television footage from a nearby building that identified faces of the perpetrators involved. Our intelligence has identified the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] as being linked to so called “FARC” and are responsible for planting the bomb in a vehicle outside the building and detonating it.» >

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