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BRITs fashion review

The Brits is obviously one of the biggest events of the year in any artist/music enthusiast’s calendar but it is also glues every fashion follower to the TV for the night. It basically draws every celebrity together who all compete to wear the most beautiful, crazy outfit that they can find! And this year, these outfits seem to be bigger and better than ever before!

Black sequins seemed to be a recurring theme, worn both by Lily Allen and Lorde.» >

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Primark: SS14

Primark is not the obvious store to become excited about but it seems that this coming season they have really upped their game to start competing against the big names that graces the highstreet with their presence. And the best bit is that, in spite of the pieces themselves being bang on trend, the cheap prices have remained.
 The cold and the rain still makes it feel like winter is never going to end, but you can receive some hope and view a light at the end of the title with this collection.» >

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Phantom of the Opera!

Phantom of the Opera is a classic musical. One that has been in the West End forever, and probably will stay there forever more.  And now I have finally seen it, it is easy to see why. Apart from having heard of a few of the songs, I knew very little about this musical before this evening. I hadn’t seen the film or even googled the plot or anything. And I wasn’t even that sure I would like it.» >

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Festive travel: The joy of Christmas Markets

I love Christmas and everything about it. It is a time of great company, perfect food and (most importantly!) mulled wine, which all induce a general feeling of happiness that everyone embraces throughout the festive period. However old you are, every single one of us turns into a child as we try to enjoy the simple things of life and forget all the day to day struggles which bug us for the rest of the year.» >

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The Oracle: Topshop

Topshop has to be one of my favourite shops on the highstreet. Yes, it is kind of on the expensive side but they have good sales and they are good quality clothes that can be used over and over again! So when I heard that the pitifully small Topshop in The Oracle was being expanded into something that was a lot bigger and better, I, naturally, became very excited! And I wasn’t disappointed.» >

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Winter Accessories: Have yourself a Merry Stylish Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and of course you will want to make an impact on that exciting day. As you will be eating a huge amount (I hope!) belts are a big no-no. Instead, distract those around you with statement jewellery that will drag the eye upwards, drawing the attention away from your expanding stomach! Chunky necklaces can jazz up any simple, loosely cut Christmas dresses that you will bring out on the day.

» >

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Jersey Boys

Making a great musical is hard! A lot of things have to pull together to make it a success let alone for it to become a classic. But luckily Jersey Boys seems to have hit the jackpot! With excellent music (taken from the well known hits of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons) and an uber talented cast, this particular musical seems to have got it all right!

The story of Jersey Boys starts, as you might suspect, in a little town in New Jersey in the 1960s where four guys are singing under a lamp post.» >

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New Year in Prague?

As Christmas is fast approaching, I find that my thoughts, instead of thinking about all the food and fun I am going to have over the next few weeks, turn to the next big event in the calendar. The one that has become almost as big as Christmas itself – the celebrations welcoming the New Year.


I have got into a habit of going abroad for these exciting festivities to experience how our European friends from across the channel welcome the first of January.» >

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