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Authors List

  • Student Activities

    Contact us at Student Activities if you have any questions about Student Media or Societies at RUSU - student. activities@rusu.co.uk
  • amydunham23@hotmail.co.uk'
  • Becky Watson

    Online Sports Editor and a third year Theatre and Film student from Reading. Passionate about anything football or Reading FC related.
  • chandnii.raichura@gmail.com'
  • jacobcolman1@gmail.com'
  • kahinab@hotmail.co.uk'

    Kahina Bouhassane

    Kahina Bouhassane is a third year English Literature student at the University of Reading and Entertainment Editor of the Spark Online. She has published articles in local newspapers and publications and was one of the 2017/18 Editors of the Reading University Creative Arts Anthology. Alongside her studies she has also worked internships in Publishing and Marketing and been employed to write press releases for various companies as well as completing a NCTJ accredited Foundation course in Journalism.
  • gfmaddison@yahooo.co.uk'

    Gracie Maddison

    Online Lifestyle Editor for Spark Online, Third Year English Literature Student
  • laus2009@live.co.uk'
  • Phaidra Robinson

    I am the Print News Editor for The Spark 2018-2019, I am a third year student from Bristol studying English Literature. I won 'Best Media Newcomer' for The RUSU 2018 Media Awards. I love animals, travelling and I'm good at a pub quiz!
  • Rosie Neville

    Lifestyle editor at The Spark newspaper. First year English Literature student.
  • Taz Usher

    English Language undergraduate and Entertainment Editor for the Spark Newspaper.
  • elliotkim89@gmail.com'

    Elliot Kim

    Elliot Kim first started university many years ago, then dropped out as a result of health issues and realising he had no idea why he had chosen his subject. Years of work, travel, and false starts later – he decided to return to university. He now studies BA English Literature with Creative Writing, while working both as a cocktail bartender and freelance writer. He is interested in troubled youth, wilderness therapy and the development of masculine identity. He can usually be found experimenting with new recipes, bouldering at Reading Climbing Centre, and/or drinking way too much coffee.
  • jack.campion15@gmail.com'

    Jack Campion

    Jack Campion is an English Literature graduate who is currently studying a master’s degree in the same field at the University of Reading. He is an aspiring writer, penning various pieces in the form of poetry and short prose. He also runs a personal blog, Trash Dungeon, where he posts film reviews. The blog can be found at https://theninthcircleblog.wordpress.com/.
  • L.G.Cutmore@student.reading.ac.uk'

    Laura Cutmore

    Laura Cutmore is a third year English Literature student at the University of Reading taking the Creative Writing pathway.
  • Rachel Hughes

    Rachel Hughes is a third year History student at the University of Reading.
  • madelineeastwood@hotmail.com'
  • lyonsey98@hotmail.co.uk'

    Thomas Lyons

    3rd Year Politics and International Relations student. Print Sports Editor.