The Spark Newspaper is run by students at Reading University.

Here are the people behind your newspaper. Below you will find a little bit of information about us. Contact us using the relevant emails below, or click here if you want to get involved.

The Editors:

Print Editor: Georgia Courtney-Cox

Contact Email: editor.spark@reading.ac.uk

Deputy Editor: Laura Staes

Contact Email: deputyeditor@sparknewspaper.co.uk

Sub Editors: Martha Odysseos & Ellie Pestaina

Marketing & Admin:


Marketing & Distribution: Josh Dunford

Contact Email: publicity@sparknewspaper.co.uk

Design Editors:

 Head of Design: Eden Sinclair

Contact Email: design@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: Spark Designers 2017 -2018

Design Team:  Matthew Cowles, Angie Bacallan, Amritia Shrilal, Chia-Yi Chu & Harry  Grove 

Photography & Art:

Photo credit to Chase Elliot Clark, https://goo.gl/BlMpOl

Photography Editor: Euan Carmicheal

Contact Email: photography@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: The Spark Photographers/ Artists

Section Editors:


News Print Editor: Phaidra Robinson

Contact Email: news@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: The Spark News Group


Entertainment Print Editor: Taz Usher

Contact Email: entertainment@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: The Spark Entertainment

 Online Entertainment Editor: Sam McNulty 


 Lifestyle Print Editor: Rosie Neville

Contact Email: lifestyle@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: The Spark Lifestyle Group


Sports Print Editor: Thomas Lyons

Contact Email: sport@sparknewspaper.co.uk
Facebook Group: The Spark Sport