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Tequila Sunrise Slushies – Cocktail recipe


What could be better after a long day at the beach than a juicy tequila sunrise? A slushy frozen one! This icy treat will keep you cool, fill you up, and look hella impressive on your Instagram to boot! And whilst it may look tricky and impressive, it’s no trickier than making a standard sunrise.


What you need:


-dessert spoon


-2 clear glasses (so you can see the layered effect!)


-orange juice (you can use as much or as little as you want. If you like your cocktails long, use a whole carton, if you like them short and strong, only freeze a couple cups worth)



How to do it:

-Start the night before you want to drink, and freeze the orange juice. If you don’t have an ice cube tray, just freeze it in a plastic tub – it doesn’t need to look good because you’re going to blend it tomorrow anyway. Make sure you have two separate portions though.

-Wait until the next day and then take one of your frozen orange juice portions and stick it in the blender with 2 shots of tequila and 2 shots of grenadine. Blend until you have a pretty pink slush.

-Split the slush between two glasses.

-Rinse out the blender and then blend your other orange juice portion with another two shots of tequila.

-Place the spoon over the top of the pink slush layer in the glass, and then pour orange slush down it to fill the glass. Repeat with the other glass.

-Garnish with cocktail umbrellas and orange wedges to make it ~fancy~ or keep it as is and enjoy!

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