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Post Malone at Reading Festival. Photo credit: James Bridle
Post Malone at Reading Festival. Photo credit: James Bridle

Reading Festival: Saturday Round-up

The sun, the crowds, and an impressive line-up made Saturday at Reading Festival a day to remember.

Here’s our best bits from the day…


Billie Eilish

17-year-old American fireball Billie Eilish drew one of Reading Festival’s biggest ever crowds during a performance of her unconventionally popular sound yesterday.

The singer songwriter- who was raised in Los Angeles- seized the crowd within her first few moments on the stage.

Billie Eilish at Reading Festival. Photo credit: Charles Reagan

Billie Eilish at Reading Festival. Photo credit: Charles Reagan


Notably, it was Eilish’s immaculately coordinated outfit- bright green hair, oversized tshirt, bandana, sunglasses and saw-themed surgical mask- which gave festival-goers a taste of the eccentric set to follow.

The singer treated fans to favourites included Bag guy, Bury a friend and My Strange Addiction.

She also gave an engaging performance of You Should See Me in A Crown which she requested multiple mosh pits for.

The star’s life is only just beginning, but her quick rise to fame is just a hint of what’s to come.


Impressive outfits

A kaleidoscope of neon, sequins, and cargo pants spanned the main arena of Saturday’s festival.

Enthusiastic outfit choices were delivered my festival-goers of all ages and genders and gave an intriguing display of their creativity and personalities.

Inspired by celebrity and influencer styles, animal print was a particularly popular pattern for the girls, as were neon colours which came in the form of many clothing items- scrunchies, crew socks, crop tops- the list continues.


Festival-goer outfits.

Festival-goer outfits. Image credit: Taz Usher

For boys, bucket hats, floral and fruit print shirts, and bum bags (worn ironically over the shoulder) were the trend.

With the rising popularity of Instagram and other social media sights, it is no surprise that guests went the extra mile with not only their outfit choices, but their hairstyles, make up and accessories.


Something for everyone

The RandL 2019 line-up boasts an impressive variety of acts across a multitude of genres and styles.

Traipsing across the field to different stages over the course of the festival is simply part of the experience, where you might stumble across your favourite new sound whilst seeking solace from the sun. It’s a perfect analogy for serendipity.

British hardcore punk band Blood Youth was undoubtedly one of the heaviest bands on the line-up, invoking a punk philosophy in their set at The Pit which had equal parts angst and hard truths.

The darkness of their imagery and lyrics attracts a particular crowd that the sheer scale of RandL is able to accommodate for.

Many international faces also made their way to Reading, as we were served a helping of East Coast Americana with Night Riots’ performance at the Republic Stage.

Fresh and sun-kissed from California, their upbeat tracks infuse modernity into the current alt-rock scene that sets them apart in the current indie landscape.


Night Riots at Reading Festival 2019.

Night Riots at Reading Festival 2019. Image credit: Taz Usher


Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals – Main Stage

The man of the moment in experimental funk and hip-hop, Anderson .Paak evoked a contemporary musical air that was as fresh as it was inspired.

With a green felt hat, red sunglasses and an infectious smile, he dazzled the crowd with his incredible drumming skills.

It was an engaging performance for festival-goers young and old, as 90s influences proved influential on his set. With a style reminiscent of the classic reggae that echoes Dawn Penn – and the iconic rap of 2pac – there was something for everyone to enjoy during this performance.


Killer Main Stage Performances

Twenty One Pilots have a musical vision that combines everything great from alternative and indie scenes. At Reading, they showed just how multifaceted their discography is.

With rock-heavy songs that refused the crowd a breather, they prolonged the party well into the night.

There were moments of tenderness as well as hilarity – from recruiting the security team on stage for an entertaining dance routine – to a sentimental homage to British music with a touching rendition of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger.

Fans stood in anticipation for the next set to begin. As the lights dimmed dramatically on the main stage to signal Post Malone’s entrance, the crowd’s roar proved it was certainly worth the wait.

His introspective rap displayed a blend of trap and rock, and as a heavy metal fan himself, this raw energy seemed to impact his live performance.

The crowd chanted in unison to fan favourites like Better Now and Goodbyes, an enlightened hymn that was energised by Malone’s cheery smile and high spirits.


Post Malone at Reading Festival 2019.Photo credit: James Bridle

Post Malone at Reading Festival 2019. Photo credit: James Bridle


And finally, the sunset…

Another day of blue skies and late summer heat was wrapped up in a golden-pink sunset.

Festival-goers were bathed in amber light as sparkles of cheekbone glitter illuminated the smiles of those lost in joy and sounds.


Sun sets on Reading Festival.

Sun sets on Reading Festival. Image credit: Lois Plummer.


It is in these overlooked moments of natural splendour that shines a light on the beauty of community and the power of music.

The image is enriched by the beautiful philosophy that music can bring people of all backgrounds together. It echoes the sentimentalities of the 60s –the Summer of Love and Woodstock – hopefully, these historical landmarks of equality can inspire us in a time of political uncertainty.

Reading & Leeds Festival 2019 has helped us get a glimpse of that future.



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