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Photo by Peter Glenister

Quidditch Blog: Rocs Ready for the Christmas Cup!

Written by Peter Glenister

This week the team began their intensive fitness training in preparation for further tournaments across the season under the expert coaching of Vice Captain John Calzolari, which has shown major promise for tournaments such as BQC even at an early stage. 

Reading’s chaser game has been showing much promise as always with players such as, Nick England and Emelyne Gambier performing amazingly in both offensive and defensive situations. This coupled with the continuous improvement of the team’s passing game can only be a positive for the long run. The training session also saw the return of an old face with, Cat Maciver showing up and bringing her relentless passion back to training helping spur on the newer recruits.

This week 8 players from Reading will be heading to the annual “Christmas Cup” in Oxford for a weekend of ‘mercenary games’ and general tomfoolery. However, in a serious lapse of judgement, Peter Glenister – the team’s snitch-in-training – signed up to snitch every game he is not playing over the entire weekend: RIP Peter.

With this continued game experience for both experienced and non-experienced players and the continuous improvement of everyone at training, the Rocs are shaping up to be a real threat for teams at BQC and we can’t wait to head out there and improve on our Southern Cup result.

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