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Courtesy of Katie Parris

Reader’s top destination: Brighton

Katie Parris

Brighton is located on the South coast of England and is a must visit destination to see whilst at Reading as it’s so close. Located just two hours and fifteen minutes from Reading! It’s a city which has: a great night life, Brighton Pier, the Pavilion, the Lanes and the recently constructed Big Wheel. For those on a tight budget you can get a return ticket, with a railcard for £20.80. A railcard for a year costs £30 but with a NUS Extra Card, you can get a 10% discount!

Courtesy of Katie Parris

Courtesy of Katie Parris


Sample the traditional British fish and chips and buy the famous Brighton stick on rock!

A railcard is a must have for University because it will save you one-third off train journeys for a whole year. so if you travel lots or want to go home often, and cheaply this is the card to get! The NUS Extra Card is £12, which works out as just £1 per month. It offers discounts on restaurants, shops, travel and so on. It’s a great way to save money whilst at University.

Firstly in Brighton I visited the Pavilion, which was a royal residence, frequented by Kings and Queens such as George, Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. I made use of the student ticket which was £8.50 with a valid student ID and includes a guided audio tour. The tour documents the Pavilion’s history between 1787 to 1823. The ex-royal residence is beautiful and has been recently restored. It started off as a farmhouse until it was transformed into a palace. The Pavilion is also surrounded by gardens which you can visit for free, if you don’t want to pay to go inside the Pavilion!

Brighton also used to be a favourite seaside retreat amongst many British holiday makers before the typical package holidays abroad became extremely popular. A key point about seaside holidays is the Brighton Pier. The original Brighton pier was burnt down in 2003 but still remains visible despite the decay. The Pavilion is beautiful and has been recently restored. However, Brighton built another pier which is also very popular with tourists and features many entertainment facilities. There are a lot of fairground attractions here. Tokens can be purchased, or a pass for a certain amount of rides can be brought online or at the entrance. Also on the pier you can sample the traditional British fish and chips and buy the famous Brighton stick on rock. If you’re on a budget then go on the penny machines and get a feel for the pier by soaking up the busy atmosphere.

Another place I visited whilst in Brighton was the Wheel which opened in 2011, which offers a view of Brighton’s key landmarks. The ride lasts for twelve minutes and has a minimum of three revolutions. The Wheel stands fifty metres above sea level and a ticket can be purchased for just £8, and if brought in advance it can be purchased for £7.20. Every little help! It’s an interesting way to learn about the history of Brighton and has lovely views of the sea so be sure to take a camera! Also Brighton has the Brighton Lanes. The Lanes are famous for their small shops and restaurants. I fully recommend Donatello, a great Italian restaurant, which offers cheap two and three course menus. There are also various other restaurants which offer competitive prices if you spend longer here and want to try a mixture of places. It’s essentially a place to visit unique shops such as a comic shop and various sweet shops.

There’ really is enough to fill a day or more in Brighton as there is a vast range of attractions to see. Brighton is also host to many both low end and high end budget hotels so if you want to sample Brighton’s clubs. You really are spoilt for choice. If you finish the day off early then go to Churchill Square shopping centre, which has all the major brands.

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