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Remade, Rebooted, Reimagined: the video game nostalgia craze

Gaming consoles. Picture Credit BagoGames. License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

From Resident Evil to Spyro to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Dark Souls and, most infamously of all, Skyrim, it seems as if every popular game released within the last 25 years is getting rereleased and reimagined in some way. This phenomenon really started last console generation, with games such as Shadow of the Colossus, the Tomb Raider trilogy, and the Prince of Persia trilogy receiving HD remasters for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley

Author: Alex Lawler

While a title like “Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley” might sound like the half-assed hack job of some overly sappy education tool focused on positive thinking, it’s actually an XBLA title from a well-regarded studio. Twisted Pixel have had a few titles behind them; if you remember ‘Splosion man, an entertaining, if bare bones, platformer half lifted from Portal and half from Super Meat Boy; and The Maw, an action-adventure game half lifted from Katamari and half from Pikmin; then you remember Twisted Pixel’s output prior to Comic Jumper, a game half lifted from Contra and half from Spider Man: Web of Shadows.» >

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Review: Tomb Raider

Author: Aaron Hall

As she stands high on a cliff gazing out onto a ferocious sea, Lara finally has the chance to take in her surroundings. Broken and exhausted, and the ordeal to get this far already proving to be an experience like no other, she stares out as the waves crash against the rocks below. It’s hard to imagine what’s going through her head as the rain washes away the dirt and dried blood upon her skin, but one’s thing for certain.» >

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