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Through the Dragon’s Eye – based on a true story

Through the Dragon's Eye

Through the Dragon’s Eye is one of those edutainment serials schools would put on to shut kids up, whilst the medium itself would attempt to deliver educational supplements to children through a safe and accessible kid’s fantasy world. They were harmless, ineffective, and a little boring. Upon revisiting the show, I expected a paint by numbers fantasy adventure where the children have to solve grammar-related riddles. What I got was a tale of apocalypse.

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Should You Re-watch High School Musical?

High School Musical poster

The stress of university life, particularly if it’s, say, your final year, can affect people in many different ways. For me, it makes me want to revisit the things that I enjoyed as a child, perhaps as a poor attempt to relive the days when I wasn’t even sure what a dissertation was, much less what it involved. It was this kind of thinking, childish in itself to be frank, that made me revisit an old favourite recently: High School Musical.

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Make it happen – working in television production.

We spoke to Aryan Alipour, station manager of RU:ON, about his ambitions within the television industry.

How did you first get involved within RU:ON and why did you join?

I first started with RU:ON when I wanted to create a comedy show, which was to run alongside any other shows that were happening at the time. I had joined by simply attending their members meetings and joining in different projects.

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Mary Beard

At the Classical Association conference 2013 hosted by the University of Readings Classics Department Mary Beard was awarded with a special award. I spoke to her very briefly during the conference and found out what plans she had for the future!

Congratulations on your OBE this year, did you enjoy the occasion?

Personally I am somewhat ambivalent towards it if I am honest, same as many I am sure. But it was a great thing for the subject – and that makes it something to celebrate.

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