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2019 Christmas Guide

Once again as in olden days, it’s the happy golden days leading up to Christmas! For those that celebrate the holiday or like to partake in the festive season, this 2019 Christmas guide will give you some great ideas, advice and shout outs for current seasonal events and student deals.  

What to look forward to: 

If you weren’t planning on going home as the semester ends, the community of Reading host some promising Christmas events in the upcoming days and weeks.» >

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Buying Christmas Presents on a Budget

Loads of Christmas presents to buy but no money? Here’s my guide on how to buy all those presents without splashing out on the cash. 


Make sure that you buy the most important presents first. You don’t want to buy presents for all your friends before realising that you don’t have enough money to buy presents for your family.  

 Sales are your friend  

The best way to get good quality presents that your friends and family will actually like is to shop the sales.» >

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How to have a more sustainable Christmas

As you settle into your pyjamas at the end of Christmas Day and sink into the sofa, unable to move because of all the food and drink consumed, the last thing you’d ever consider is how much food and packaging there has been wasted over the festive period. These tips are here to make your Christmas wonderful without being so wasteful.


  • This year, its time to get creative with brown paper!
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Festive travel: The joy of Christmas Markets

I love Christmas and everything about it. It is a time of great company, perfect food and (most importantly!) mulled wine, which all induce a general feeling of happiness that everyone embraces throughout the festive period. However old you are, every single one of us turns into a child as we try to enjoy the simple things of life and forget all the day to day struggles which bug us for the rest of the year.
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Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is everywhere now it’s December; you can’t turn in a shop without a barrage of festival sparkle bombarding you from every angle! Buying a few petite cadeaux, as the French would phrase it rather quaintly, can be an overwhelming enormity of a task. Confused amongst a myriad of 3 for 2 at Boots? Trawling gift sections online hoping the perfect gift will suddenly materialize in front of your eyes?  Well, worry no more!
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