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What is Bumble?

Bumble, the social networking app with over 70 million users connects people across dating, friendship and professional networking. Whatever type of relationship it is, women make the first move on Bumble. Bumble recognizes the importance of relationships and how crucial they are to a healthy, happy life. They’ve built their platform around kindness, respect, and equality – and their users play an important part in that. Bumble holds its users accountable for their actions and has zero tolerance for hate, aggression or bullying.» >

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Free app of the week: NeuroSlice

I found this app useful when preparing for and throughout an fMRI data  analysis module. NeuroSlice is great for teaching you to identify  individual anatomical regions in the human brain; including nuclei,  tracts in the brain and the spinal chord. Examples include, the  hippocampus, Slyvian fissure and Precentral gyrus. It contains 40 MRI scans of human  brains to test your recognition of neuroanatomy.» >

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Free app of the week

Speech Enhancement Lite created by DigiPhD

This is an invaluable tool for students of speech and language therapy, acoustics, auditory processing, audio engineers, psycholinguistics, music analysis, digital signal processing and forensic linguistics. I found this app useful when studying phonetics and phonology. With this app you can record anything and it will generate a spectrogram and a short-time Fourier transform of the recording, which can then be distorted, enhanced and modified.» >

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