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Easy ways to minimise your personal production of waste

The unnecessary production of waste is becoming a large problem; a problem larger than it has ever been before for climate change. The overuse of plastic packaging in supermarkets is an issue that is hard for individuals to stop and reduce, however, we as individuals can make our own impact to help the environment in a few relatively easy ways.  

I believe that the easiest way to start reducing the amount of waste you produce is to take a look in your bedroom bin in your student room.» >

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How to have a more sustainable Christmas

As you settle into your pyjamas at the end of Christmas Day and sink into the sofa, unable to move because of all the food and drink consumed, the last thing you’d ever consider is how much food and packaging there has been wasted over the festive period. These tips are here to make your Christmas wonderful without being so wasteful.


  • This year, its time to get creative with brown paper!
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Do your part to help save the Environment!

The Blue Planet Effect is taking the world by storm. It brings all communities together to tackle our dependency on single use plastic. Thanks to the increase of awareness that various documentaries, social media posts and news articles are spreading, the global impact of plastic on the environment is becoming vital common knowledge. We now know that plastics do not break down, but instead break up into smaller fragments that exist in the environment for a scary amount of time.» >

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