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Students and staff develop Whiteknights Biodiversity App

Staff and students at the University of Reading are designing an app that will record biodiversity data on the Whiteknights Campus. 

The student-led project will focus on gathering long-term data sets using a standard protocol that will provide a database for students and staff to monitor long-term changes in the local environment that will develop over time.

The app itself has been branded ‘KiteSite’ and users will be able to record photographs, notes, extra information as well as being able to link it to particular projects.» >

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The Flappy Bird Phenomena

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

The last couple of weeks have seen the game Flappy Bird turn into a full blown trend. For those who aren’t aware, Flappy Bird has players furiously tapping their smartphone screens trying to avoid Mario-styled green pipes. At first instance it seems like a colourful version of the helicopter game we all played on the internet. The Mario-style background creates a charming game, added by the colour changing ‘bird’.» >

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Student Beans app

Student Beans have launched a new iPhone app for University students in order to help students save more money and stretch funds even further.

The app, Student Beans ID, acts as a digital form of a student card and allows students to discover even more discounts on the high street.

StudentBeans are hoping that their new app will replace the need for traditional student discount cards that can cost up to £10.» >

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Save money with Shopitize

Shopitize is a free app for iOS and Android phones, offering money-back deals on products and brands that you’re probably already putting into your supermarket trolley each week. The app features deals from ASDA (which most of us students will be familiar with), Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-operative and Waitrose (for the lucky few). Last week the deals ranged from bacon to yogurts, from washing up liquid to shaving gel.

The app is easy to use – you select the offer of your choice and the supermarket that you want to shop in, and answer a multiple-choice marketing question, generally about your shopping habits or the product itself.» >

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Free app of the week: NeuroSlice

I found this app useful when preparing for and throughout an fMRI data  analysis module. NeuroSlice is great for teaching you to identify  individual anatomical regions in the human brain; including nuclei,  tracts in the brain and the spinal chord. Examples include, the  hippocampus, Slyvian fissure and Precentral gyrus. It contains 40 MRI scans of human  brains to test your recognition of neuroanatomy.» >

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Free app of the week

Speech Enhancement Lite created by DigiPhD

This is an invaluable tool for students of speech and language therapy, acoustics, auditory processing, audio engineers, psycholinguistics, music analysis, digital signal processing and forensic linguistics. I found this app useful when studying phonetics and phonology. With this app you can record anything and it will generate a spectrogram and a short-time Fourier transform of the recording, which can then be distorted, enhanced and modified.» >

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