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Women’s Six Nations 2018 – England vs Wales Highlights

Women’s Six Nations: England vs Wales ( 2nd Round)

We’re under way at Twickenham Stoop. A short kick-off by Wales is collected by England before it’s thumped back and collected by Sioned Harries, on her 50th cap.

Catherine Spencer Ex-England rugby union captain on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commented:

“I think fitness will tell today. In the last quarter of the game, England may be too strong for Wales. England have great power, great speed at the breakdown and I expect they’ll want to play a quick game. Wales will be trying to slow it down.”

4 mins into game :

England 0-0 Wales

A little mix-up between two Scarlets players Alisha Butchers and Beth Lewis, which hands England the first scrum of the match.

A great attacking opportunity here for Simon Middleton’s side, who are inside the Welsh 22.

But the Welsh contingent in the crowd are rising to the occasion, as the dulcet tones of Calon Lan rings around the Stoop.

6 mins into game:

England 0-0 Wales

That’s not the start Wales would have wanted.

Kerin Lake walks from the field holding her arm to her chest. She doesn’t look like she’ll play any further part in this game. She’s replaced in midfield by Hannah Jones.

And with Wales trying to reorganise, England are almost over in the corner. But Abbie Dow has a clear foot in touch before she can make it over the line.

WHAT A TACKLE! Jess Kavanagh-Williams take a bow. And Wales survive.

England’s forwards are just too strong for Wales.

After a strong line-out, flanker Poppy Cleall powers over from close-range and England have the first score of the game.

And early score, and Wales look vulnerable in the pack.

Catherine Spencer Ex-England rugby union captain on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commented:

“Good patient play from England. They’ve put a huge amount of pressure on the Welsh across the width of the pitch and then got their try through the forwards.

Worth noting though that they scored early against Italy and didn’t score again until the second half. Let’s see if Wales can haul themselves back into it.”

A penalty to Wales at scrum-time. And there are pats all round for the team in red.

This is exactly what they needed in reply to England’s early score.And they’re into the England half with that punt downfield.

But that’s a sloppy line-out. Wales take a risk and go to the tail but it’s picked off by Abbie Scott.

A mixed bag for Wales so far.

Katy Daley-Mclean’s kick is charged down and Wales come forward again through Jess Kavanagh-Williams.

A lovely run from the wing puts Wales on the front-foot, but a third line-out in a row fails to find a red shirt.

That is sloppy, very sloppy.

 Try  by England’s Abbie Dow- England 12-0 Wales

England are stringing together a few passes in the backline now and starting to put some real pressure on the Welsh defence.

From the line-out the ball is transferred to the forwards and they’re up to the 10 metre line.

The ball is out to Abbie Dow on the right wing, and she isn’t denied this time.


22 mins into game:

Converted try by England’s Leanne Riley, con Daley-Mclean – England 21-0 Wales

England are on the charge again. England playing very confidently now.Prop Sarah Bern with a surging run, the ball is recycled quickly and that’s try number three for the hosts.Wales can’t handle the speed of the ball, and scrum-half Leanne Riley goes herself.Another conversion by Katy Daley-Mclean and England are running away with this.Despite posession being one side we have seen some promising moments from Wales.

We’re approaching the 25-minute mark at the Stoop, and England are already away and clear.

They’ve got strength up front, pace out wide and an iron wall in defence.

Last year’s Grand Slam champions are a class above Wales, as was expected.

But here come the women in red through Jess Kavanagh-Williams on the left wing. She’s been the bright spark so far for the visitors, but Wales don’t commit enough players to the breakdown and England are off again.

It’s Sarah Bern with another brilliant run, England inside the 22…

 29 mins into game:
England women 21-0 Wales women

Sarah Bern receives the ball again on the right and that’s a high tackle from Wales. The Hartpury player has looked more like a winger this afternoon, she’s some talent.

Katy Daley-Mclean will kick to the corner but Wales finally get some joy at the line-out and it’s turned over.

They’ll kick downfield and Danielle Waterman will run it back. This game is being played at a frenetic pace.

Try by England’s Ellie Kildunne – England 26-0 Wales

England have the bonus-point inside half an hour, just like last year.

Centre Ellie Kildunne with a mis-match up against the Welsh prop Thomas and she strolls over the line. That’s try number six on her fifth cap.

Katy Daley-Mclean with her first miss of the afternoon in front of the posts but I suspect that won’t make a difference…

Catherine Spencer Ex-England rugby union captain on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra:

Some really lovely play from England. Wales are struggling to retain possession because the England backs have kept turning it over. Ellie Kildunne just glided through the Wales defence there to score an elegant try. It was so smooth she looked as though she wasn’t even trying.

35 mins into game:

England  26-0 Wales 

Wales called upon high tackling perhaps they are worried due to England’s quick offloading game.  The referee is telling Wales captain Carys Phillips they’ll be in serious trouble at the next high tackle. Sort it out is the message..

Five minutes until half time. England probably have time for at least two more tries…

Wales have some serious defending to do here, they’ve got a scrum right under the posts.

Relief for the women in red. They get the penalty, but Robyn Wilkins fails to find touch. Wales have to cut out these simple errors in the second half if they’re to get any possession and a foothold in this match.

England run it back but then they get over-excited and it’s all a bit loose.

40 mins into game:

A light drizzle has started to come down at the Stoop. It’s affecting the handling in this game now, and it’s probably not good news for the match at Twickenham this afternoon. Hopefully, the quick-paced game we’ve seen so far won’t be compromised.


England  26-0 Wales 

A really big moment before the break. Wales, under the cosh, repel England’s driving maul.

The referee screams “USE IT”, England ignore, and Wales come away with the penalty. It could have been curtains for Wales there.

But another disastrous Wales line-out means England take the clock into red with ball in hand.

The white shirts are lining up outside, but it’s not to be. Danielle Waterman can’t collect the pass and that’s the end of that. A terrible error from Rachael Burford.

Still, England have the bonus-point, we’ll be back after the break.

44 mins into game:
England 26-0 Wales 

Wales will be keen to narrow that margin of defeat today, but England are completely dominant at the breakdown.

That’s another bit hit from Rachael Burford and Marlie Packer is in quickly to secure the turnover. She seems to have lost her number, but that snaffle was trademark Packer.

47mins into game:

Converted try by England’s Marlie Packer, con Daley-Mclean- England 33-0 Wales

Wales, once again, are being told to pick up their discipline by the referee.

Meanwhile, England put their foot down again and they’re heading for the line from another dominant line-out.

A huge drive and the England pack is over the whitewash. It’s Marlie Packer who’s awarded the try.

The two is added by Katy Daley-Mclean, and England are up and running in this second half.

 50 mins into game: 

England 33-0 Wales 

England prop Sarah Bern is out into clear space yet again. She’s been phenomenal in the open field so far this afternoon.

But Wales cover the move and eventually shepherd the white shirts into touch.

A line-out to come, and they’ve been dodgy, very dodgy. But that’s a win for Wales. Clean ball and they set up a drive of their own to take them into the English half.


 58 mins into game:

And back on the pitch at the Stoop, England are camped on the Wales line.

Prop Sarah Bern is over the line but there are red shirts under that body. Three Wales players prevent Bern from scoring England’s sixth.

But you feel it’s just a matter of time…

60 mins into game

Converted try by England’s Rachael Burford, con Katy Daley-Mclean- England 40-0 Wales

And there we have it. It’s a lovely score.

Katy Daley-Mclean pops a delightful grubber through to Rachael Burford, who picks up and slides over the line.

And off she jogs as Daley-Mclean adds the extras.There’s 20 minutes left to play.

England  40-0 Wales

Wales have struggled to put any pressure on England today. They’ve got 15 minutes to get on the scoreboard, but are they too tired after an afternoon of defending?

We’ve got a scrum in the midfield, England’s new scrum-half Caity Mattinson puts in and eventually boots a well-placed kick to pin Wales back in the corner.

England showing they have strength in depth and real quality off the bench. Wales just can’t compete at the moment, and there’s another terrible line-out throw.

69 mins into game:

England 40-0 Wales 

Wales replacement prop Cerys Hale lands awkwardly on her knee and she’s helped off the field by the physio.

70 mins into game:

Try review – England 40-0 Wales 

A brief pause for a TMO review, but the ball went forward before the grounding off Rowena Burnfield.

Wales will have a scrum on their five-metre line. Huge pressure for the replacement pack and it’s slippy underfoot now too.

They get the ball out, it’s taken back in and then knocked on. At the very least England will come back for the scrum… but have they got the ball down?

 70 mins into game:

England  40-0 Wales 

No. The ball was grounded by Wales, and we come back to the England scrum five metres out.

I can only see one outcome here…

71 mins into game:

Try by England’s Poppy Cleall- England 45-0 Wales

And in the corner it’s Poppy Cleall for her second try of the afternoon.

A beautiful catch from Cleall, who was lurking on the left hand side, and she dives low over the line.

Katy Daly-Mclean has a pop from the touchline but it’s nowhere near. We’ll forget out that one.

Two minutes to play in the Women’s Six Nations and Wales are running it from deep. Not a great decision.

Another handling error as the women in red are closed down by white shirts and England will have the put-in on the halfway line.

Wales are showing character here, but they’re up against a far better side. It’s been tough.

Poppy Cleall is still driving through defenders after 75 minutes as she smashes into Hannah Jones, before Simon Middleton’s side are ushered over the sideline.

79 mins into game:

Converted try by England’s Ellie Kildunne – England 52-0 Wales


18 years of age and that’s the best try of the tournament so far. The young centre steps and goes in her own half.

She burns Hannah Jones and turns on the gas with the entire Welsh team trailing in her wake. Wow.

The conversion goes over too.


England  52-0 Wales 

Job done for England. Not the 63-0 of last year but they gave it a good go.

Ellie Kildunne with an outstanding solo effort at the death in wet and cold conditions at the Stoop.





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