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Super Bowl LI Review

Super Bowl LI. The New England Patriots won 34-28 against the Atlanta Falcons during the championship game on Sunday, February 5th. New England running back James White managed a rushing touchdown in a ground-breaking, history-making overtime play – the first ever Super Bowl to go into overtime in its 51-year history

While the Pats ended up winning the title, the game didn’t actually begin for them until the end of the third quarter when New England began to catch up after a slow start and, eventually, make their stunning comeback from Atlanta’s halftime lead of 21-3 – tying up with their opponents 28-28 after a 2-point conversion, just when Falcons supporters were beginning to think it was finally their year to win on that field in Houston, Texas after an impressive season.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from this year’s Super Bowl:

As mentioned, it is the first Super Bowl in history to ever go into overtime

The Patriots are the first Super Bowl team to ever come back from being down more than 14 points – or, in their case, 25 points when the Falcons had them in the third quarter with 28-3

The Patriots’ Tom Brady wins his 5th Super Bowl championship as starting quarterback – the all-time highest win in the League to this day

Before game day, the University of Reading’s own American Football society voted in a poll to predict which team would win the Super Bowl. Of the 49 voters, 21 predicted the results we know today, whilst the remaining 28 voted for the Falcons – hoping to see a victory against New England in Atlanta’s second Super Bowl appearance since 1999 in Super Bowl XXXIII.

Members of the society also expressed what they felt their favourite NFL teams needed to improve for the 2017 season starting September 7th. Of the 32 NFL teams, here are 7 team needs from 8 members of the Reading Knights American Football team:

Los Angeles Chargers

Too many team injuries. Dan Woods states that they need to stay healthy, along with providing QB Philip Rivers with a better offensive lineman to protect him for stronger performance.

Arizona Cardinals

QB Carson Palmer may retire. James Muir hopes that the team can progress with good defence and the help of RB David Johnson after 37-year-old Palmer’s less-than-impressive 2016 season.

Green Bay Packers

Another team with too many injuries. James Hegarty claims that QB Aaron Rodgers will lead the offence well, although Oli Patterson would like to see a new RB on the field. Both agree there is room for defensive improvement in the secondary.

Miami Dolphins

Up the offence. George Stockdale states that, with a solid tight end, Miami can build on an amazing end of the season.

Dallas Cowboys

Up the defence. Having two of the top rookie offensive players in the league, Jake Wilson-Crown insists the team only needs to strengthen the defence.

Oakland Raiders

Switch up the defence. William Holmes wants to see a healthy QB and, via draft or trade, a supported DE Khalil Mack. Holmes wouldn’t mind a trade for Arizona’s DE Calais Campbell, as well as an MLB.

Houston Texans

QB worth the price tag. Max Lange speculates that Houston may have a problem with QB Brock Osweiler unless he begins to demonstrate what he’s contractually worth for four years: $72 million dollars.

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