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Rounders England Tournament

On Wednesday 5th of February the Reading University Rounders teak took part in a rounder’s tournament held in Winchester against 5 other universities: Winchester, Southampton Solent, Bath, Royal Holloway and Portsmouth Uni.  

Each team played each other and the total rounders for and against each team were calculated to find out the final rankings of the team.  

Reading played very well for themselves and it was the first time they had ever been in this tournament. They started by playing Royal Holloway which was a close game with 9-6, to Royal Holloway. 

Next was against Bath, which was also a close game, but Reading were stolen of their win by baths amazing batting skills, however within this game there was some controversy between the empires and the teams as the rules of obstruction were questioned. Whilst Reading felt they were owed half a rounder due to fourth base being in the running stream whilst Reading’s batter was attempting to stump in at fourth. The umpire however did not see the event take place, so the team were not awarded anything. Leaving the team down hearted with a loss of 9.56. 

The next game was a struggle Reading as the home team of Winchester had support cheering them on. This knocked Reading team’s confidence leading to another win to the other team of 12-3. This quickly became a disheartening match for Reading as Winchester caught or stumped all Reading’s batters out before they could finish all 30 balls, leaving them with a massive disadvantage before they even had the opportunity to field. 

The penultimate game was much of the same story with a loss of 10-2 giving the win to Southampton Solent University. This, however, was a very friendly and fun game as the Solent team were super friendly. 

Nevertheless, Reading did not let the losses get them down for their final game against Portsmouth! They managed to harness their skills and get a win of 6.5 rounders to 5! 

Even though Reading lost 4/5 games they ended on a high and got to go home happy. The overall winners were Winchester. But this was a massive learning curve for Reading and hopefully next year they can come back better and stronger! 

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