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Credit to RUWWK

Ride the waves with RUWWK!

Most of you have finished your exams now and are having fun chilling in the sun with your mates waiting for the Summer Ball. But why not use this time to try something a bit different? If you’re up for a laugh and want to impress everyone back home by trying out some awesome sports then Reading Uni Boardriders is just for you!  

We are a non-competitive society who do trips at least once a week for complete beginners (most of us are) to those more experienced. Our society was formerly RUWWK (Reading University Wakeboard, Windsurf, Kitesurf Society) and now we do exactly the same sports as we formerly did with brand new longboarding thrown in, which we’re all super excited about. We have a new name, new logo, new kit and hopefully after you’ve finished reading this, loads of new members.


What is it? – For those of you that don’t know, it’s basically water-skiing but on a board.

When? – We do trips at least once a week depending on the weather and what everyone’s up to.

Cost? – £1. Yes, £1 a session! Cheaper than a cheeky pint, so why not give it a go?

This sport is perfect if you want to give something new a go and see some comedy gold (mainly me, tumbling head first into the water).



Timothy Knight - Ride the waves with RUWWK! (Image 3) (1)

Credit to RUWWK

What is it? We have recently bought £10,000 worth of brand new kit for you all to come along and use. Again, like all the sports in our society we are open to all abilities (I, myself, am a complete beginner and haven’t quite mastered it yet).

When? Along with our regular trips to our local windsurf centre, we also do inter-uni trips. These are really popular and great fun, check out our Facebook groups to find events.

Cost– £3 per session, super cheap!

Timothy Knight - Ride the waves with RUWWK! (Image 2) (1)

Credit to RUWWK


What is it? – Similar to Wakeboarding, your feet are strapped to a board but instead of a cable pulling you along the water, a huge kite takes its place.

Trips- We do lots of inter-uni events which can be found on our Facebook group.



What is it? – Unlike everything else, this sport is on land and it’s basically a long skateboard.

Our new sport for this year! We’re going to be longboarding around the campus and checking out the best downhill spots in Reading. We’re getting some brand new kit this year which is really exciting. Because it’s new, everyone’s a beginner so come along and join in.



This year we flew to Dahkla in Morocco for a kitesurfing trip of a lifetime! We teamed up with Southampton Uni for 9 days of kitesurfing by day and drinking by night. A chilled, friendly atmosphere and some awesome games played a huge part of the trip, especially in the road trip through the Sahara Desert.


Want to know where we’ll be next year? Stick around to find out when we start up in September.

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