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Return of the Korfball alumni


What an amazing, busy and boozy weekend. First off, we had the two alumni games on the Saturday afternoon. It was great to welcome everyone back to Reading again, and the competitive spirit was brilliant. Everyone played amazingly in both games, and those who haven’t played Korfball in a while jumped straight back in. 


The first game was pretty close, with lots of fab feeds set up and long shots, with good defense. A last-minute goal from player Katrina saw the score finish 7-7, but a penalty shootout ended in favor of the alumni. The second game was amazing to watch, and everyone kept up the competitive spirit with especially strong defense. Both teams started pretty equal, but by the end alumni rose to victory, winning 7-5 and beating the current team for the second time. 


We were playing in Pink and Red for two charities, Against Breast Cancer and Leukemia UK. Leonie, our clubs Charity Representative, did some excellent fundraising; we raised an amazing total of £126.04. Thank you so much everyone who donated. 


Later in the day, we all scrubbed up for big pres in Park Lounge, and some games of beer pong set the night off. Everyone loved catching up with the alumni, and it was fun to see our new members getting to know everyone. A few drunk photos later, we all headed to Union and danced the night away, in the front right of the main room as always! 


I would like to say a big thank you to Owen and Rachel, our Social Secs, for organising such an amazing weekend; we all had a great time and already can’t wait for the next return of the Alumni. 


Early the next day, pretty hungover, we had two league games against Southampton Spartans. Reading 2 played first – we put up a good fight and did some side feeds and veer shots which we had practiced in training. This was amazing to see, but unfortunately the game finished 16-5 to Spartans.  


Reading 1 played next, and as always it was a great gameReading took the lead early on and scored some amazing long shots, but soon Spartans were catching up – some Mexican waves and cheering from the sideline kept spirts up, and the game finished 14-14.  


After the games, lots of us headed to Park Bar for a big Sunday roast and played some board games, before heading to a friendly game against Reading Rooks. This was a really tight game and scoring was equal throughout, there were some well-defended shots and brilliant feeds set up. The game finished 14-13 to Rooks. 


Overall, it was a weekend of Korf that left us with lots to celebrate. Our fabulous members who came back for the weekend were sad to leave, and current members already can’t wait to see them all again soon. 

Thanks to everyone, alumni and current, for making this a weekend we will never forget. Here’s to the next one! 

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