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Charity Santa Runners by BrianBracher on Pixabay
Charity Santa Runners by BrianBracher on Pixabay

‘Reading Santa Run’ – Make Fitness Exciting This Winter

With freezing weather rapidly approaching England, the last thing most of us want to do is take up running, especially outdoors running.

However, this may in fact be the perfect time to take up the hobby. ‘Reading Santa Run’ is fast approaching: it takes place on Sunday 8th December at 9.30am at Forbury Gardens, near the Abbey ruins.

The main purpose of the ‘Reading Santa Run’ is to raise money for local charities while having a good time. Runners dress in fun Father Christmas costumes to sweat it out for charity. This year the charities are Sport in Mind, MS Society and Rotary Charities.

‘Reading Santa Run’ is a grand total distance of 5k, and so taking part in the NHS ‘Couch To 5k’ in the weeks leading up to it would make for perfect preparation.

‘Couch to 5k’ is typically a 9 week running program designed to ease the non-runner into somewhat comfortable but still challenging cardio exercise. You can get an app for your phone to track your progress and schedule your runs for the weeks ahead. Although it is too late to get in the full 9 weeks of practice, the program will help you to get used to running in no time.

If you end up staying in the warm instead of preparing, there will be a 1k ‘Mini Santa Run.’ The website states it is geared at families with young children or buggies, but I’m sure the unfit University student would be welcome. This run is also tailored for wheelchair users and other disabilities, so everyone can take part!

Make sure you stretch before and after taking part, and be sure to wear good running shoes to avoid injury. The most important part is to get a cheap Santa Claus costume, have fun and raise some money for a good ‘Claus’!

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