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The team posing at the end of the tournament. Photos by Beth Usher

‘R’-Themed Reading Raise a Riot at Cardiff Korfball

On the 22nd of October, Reading Knights Korfball Club headed down to Cardiff for a freshers tournament, taking with them two mixed teams, including returners and very eager freshers. It was definitely a tournament worth remembering. 

The tournament kicked off at 9:00am with two enthusiastic but extremely nervous teams, with freshers learning how a korfball game actually works. For many of the freshers, these morning games were the first they had played, but this did not stop them from giving it their all.

The different skills they had learned in the training sessions were put to the test.

As the tournament went on, the confidence in both teams increased dramatically! Both teams played with passion and a drive to win. Everything from shooting, passing, finding space on the court and on-court calls were performed to a high standard. Not only were the returners putting up many shots and scoring points, but equally, the freshers were taking the chances they had at putting up the shots, and many were successfully scored.

Getting ready for the 'R' themed social.

Getting ready for the ‘R’ themed social.

Many of the freshers scored their first goals, many scored their first two goals, and some even scored their first three goals, which is definitely something to be proud of. Both personal and team confidence grew as players became more knowledgeable about how to play korfball, and as friendships between players grew, real bonds were made both on and off the court.


After the tournament, Reading Knights let off some steam and took to a night out in Cardiff dressed up as things beginning with the letter ‘r’. The team came up with many different, and interesting costume ideas including a rainbow, a reindeer, a road sign, Rapunzel, rubbish, a rag doll, a robber and many more. There were definitely a few heads turned when the team walked around Cardiff.

The tournament ended with friendships made, really good korfball was played and a weekend the team will not forget.

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