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Q&A With New Rounders Society

This week the Spark got the chance to speak to the brand new Rounders Society ahead of their first ever session.   We spoke to president Shannon Aller and social secretary Elly Pereira about what it’s like starting a new society from scratch.

What inspired you to start the rounders society?

I spoke to my friend from another university about the societies we had joined in first year. She mentioned that she was playing rounders for the university, which we used to play together when we were at school. I wanted to join a team, but when I checked what societies were available rounders didn’t come up! So I thought I’d start my own society.

Do you have much experience playing rounders?

Yes, haven’t we all played rounders at school!  I have been playing since I was in year 7 for the school, and all of us in the committee have experience playing rounders.

What makes rounders unique?

It’s a very social sport, with very few rules which make it possible for everyone of all abilities and ages to play. It’s a friendly sport that appeals to everyone and is fun!

What are the difficulties of starting a brand new society?

It is difficult to turn an idea into an actual society that works, with people actually wanting to join. Setting up the society is the first step, but there are lots more to consider after!

Has there been a good amount of interest so far?

Yes! The committee and I are amazed at how much interest has been generated so far, with people saying how good an idea it is. We set up a Facebook group and posted on the fresher’s page, which was enough to generate a lot of talk via social media. We are expecting to have a lot of people turn up on Wednesday 25th for our free taster session!

Do you plan on entering a team into a competition?

Since we have just started out, we haven’t considered it yet. But if enough people are interested and want to have a competitive team, it is definitely something we are interested in pursuing.

When/where will you be training?

We will train on Wednesdays 2pm-4 pm on the paddock (located behind sports park).

Does anybody who wants to play need any special kit or equipment? 

Anyone who wants to join just needs to come along in sports gear and trainers. All the equipment will be supplied. We are looking at getting society t-shirts soon!

How much does membership cost?

It is literally a bargain, £5! (so only 2 and ½ snake bites really)

Who are the committee members?

Shannon Aller – President

Lucy Rees – Vice president

Elly Pereira – Social secretary

Laura Woods – Treasurer

Harriet Packer – Welfare

Mitchell Rolfe – Coach


If you’d like more information be sure to like the Reading University Rounders Facebook page, and if you fancy giving it a go the first session is today (Wednesday) at 2pm-4pm on the paddock.

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