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Photo by: University of Reading Pole Fitness Society
Photo by: University of Reading Pole Fitness Society

Pole Fitness – A Seriously Tiring Sport

On Monday 30th September the Pole Fitness Club was running a taster session. I had been to the stand at the Sports Fayre and as a thirdyear student I have felt the need to throw myself into as much as I can this year and try as much as I can because trust me, time flies.

I went along and was greeted by a number of the committee members, all of whom couldn’t have been more welcoming, friendly and reassuring to both myself and the rest of the group as I think for the majority (if not all!) this was our first time trying out pole. It was a very well organised session, beginning with a warm-up and then we each split off into smaller groups to try out some different moves. In my group we had 3 instructors there to assist and help, as well as answer our numerous questions about pole and the society itself.

The class was so much fun and the society itself is extremely well priced and very flexible, with multiple classes running throughout the week so there is always a slot you can do. Despite many misconceptions people may hold of pole fitness and what it suggests, it is actually an intensive activity and is extremely good for upper body, flexibility and improving poise. Overall, it was a wonderful session with extremely supportive people, and I will definitely be giving it another go! 

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