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Local Sports Activities

Reading Climbing Centre

When I found out that I live less than a 5 minute walk away from a rock climbing centre I was so excited. Rock climbing is an intense full body workout, it leaves you sore from your hands to your calves but feeling so good. If you’re very new to it, it also acts as the quickest way to leave your arm muscles achy for days. The best thing about it? You can go in school times and get out your essay writing frustrations quickly and quietly.

Price – around £11.

Bracknell Ski Centre

Hop on the number 4 bus and get off right outside Bracknell Ski Centre. Here you can find skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. You may have to contend with children, but it’s a great place to go for a wintery date or weekend trip. You can go to Bracknell town centre after and refuel before the bus home.

Price – £10 – £30+ depending on activity.

Dinton Activity Centre

The number 4 bus yet again takes us somewhere exciting – Dinton Activity Centre. Get off at The George and walk to the lake. The picturesque landscape is the perfect peaceful place to jump in a canoe with your friends and scream falling into the lake. You can rent a peddalo, canoe, kayak or paddleboard for an hour and take your time or race your friends.

Price – £7/hour.

Reading Sports and Leisure

The one thing the University Sportspark lacks, in my opinion, is a pool. There is one local, where you can mess around or swim laps for a discounted price.

Price – Student discount £3.


Do you take advantage of sportspark? I went for a year ignoring the classes and rentable courts, but this year I have decided to jump further from my comfort zone and try classes. Yoga is really great for supplementing your regular active life by stretching out your muscles and helping with injury prevention. Spin classes at 7pm are a sweaty club experience, complete with a loud bass and almost epilepsy-inducing lighting.

Price – £20.50/month

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