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Men’s lacrosse 1st team photo by Will Charters-Reid
Men’s lacrosse 1st team photo by Will Charters-Reid

Get ready for lacrosse!

With university being a new beginning for you, why not try a new sport that you’ve never done before 

Lucky for you, there’s lacrosse. 

With three teams for women’s lacrosse, a team for mixed lacrosse and the recent introduction of a second team for men’s lacrosse, you are guaranteed to get a place. 

Also, don’t worry about not having any experience beforehand because the club will teach you the very basics first and then gradually teach you the more advanced stuff. 

If you didn’t attend the taster sessions – don’t worry – you can still attend the training sessions. 

Women’s lacrosse training is on Mondays and Thursdays at 7-9pm at Leighton Park School, mixed training is on Thursdays at 7-9pm at Leighton Park School and men’s lacrosse training is on Tuesdays at 7-9pm at the John Madejski Academy – you’ll first meet up at Sportspark and then take a minibus there. All teams have training on Fridays at 6-7:30pm on the Astro Turf training ground near the tennis courts and tennis dome.  

Come along to the training sessions and try a new sport!

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