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Football Player by Ruben Leija on Unsplash
Football Player by Ruben Leija on Unsplash

Fantasy Premier League – Turn This Ship Around

As a Fantasy Manager, your score could be anything this season. You may be one of the more fortunate players who is ranking well above the average. Judging by the more than 7 million players that have taken part in Fantasy Football this season, I would be very happy to be sitting anywhere upwards of 400,000.

It has been an unpredictable season, and to be up-and-around this mark is an achievement. It’s meant that you’ve corralled a squad of fifteen consistent combatants using only your insight and wit. And, I suppose, a healthy dose of luck. Some things will just always be unpredictable (looking at you, John Lundstram).  

But, what if you’re one of those less-than-lucky folk, those who didn’t Triple Captain Lundy when he had that 21 point haul a few weeks ago? Is your season over? Are you destined for inevitable doom, never to breach the summit of the prestigious ‘Top 10K’? As Roy Keane Would say; “Nonsense. Absolute nonsense”.

This season is more open than Phil Jones’ mouth whenever he makes a tackle, and that man can gape. All of my mini-leagues are incredibly tight, so tight in fact that, in some, first and last place have switched within a single game week. All of the dead cert consistencies that we knew last season have failed to replicate in 19/20, with the likes of Liverpool’s clean-sheets stealing the show with their disappearing act, or Sterling and De Bruyne having perfectly synchronised their blank cycles. Cute.  

What about David Luiz coming in to solidify that dissonant Arsenal defence? “Thank u, next,” Emery should have said when the deal was proposed to him; in life, some things are just not meant to go together, and David Luiz and a Premier League Top Six jersey is one of them.  

So, it’s time to put the past behind us. Bury the hatchet. Whatever has happened has happened and, with months still to go, we now have to re-evaluate and look to the future. In terms of prospects, and looking to see if we can make up the most points to supersede our opponents, what are the best options? It’s going to take a good mixture of consistent ‘must-haves’ and differentials.

This season has been perfect for producing quality differentials, as there is an eclectic range of players in this regard. It’s a promising time to review Leicester’s players. They are having a fantastic season, boasting an almost impermeable defence, and offer a collection of offensive players that are producing every week. At this moment, you can’t look past Vardy.  

Alongside Leicester, Chelsea have had an impressive underdog season. It was a gloomy Summer for the Blues as their transfer ban was upheld, but Lampard’s employment of youth has shone in Autumn. Again, Chelsea offer a lot of value from their midfield, even Tomori in defence, but rotation has become a problem for Fantasy Managers. You know Lamps has a selection headache on his hands (or crown) when prized asset Hudson-Odoi struggles to play more than ten minutes a game. Tammy is the main man here, though, and has recently gone above 50% ownership.

Whoever you decide to go for, remember to research well, and not to worry about a big gap in your mini-league. After all, Fantasy Football is a marathon, not a sprint. 

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