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The Sahara Desert. Photo by Patrick Wuske

Why Algeria Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

As an Algerian it is possible that I may be somewhat biased in telling you to visit Algeria, but hear me out, because it really is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

Until recently, when I told people I was from Algeria it was met with confused looks and murmurings of “Do you mean Nigeria?” but with their football players playing more and more of a part in our leagues, Africa’s biggest country is being put on the map.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you should visit it yourself:


1/ The capital is by the sea!

Algerian coastlineAlgeria’s bustling capital, Algiers, sits on the coast. If you’re looking for stunning beaches, they aren’t far away, but even these blocks in the centre of town are great to sit on and look out over the Mediterranean sea. For even nicer beaches, Bejaia is a 2 hour drive away and the main tourist destination.

Cap Carbon

Another naturally occurring attraction is hills like these with views over the coast. They even have monkeys roaming around to see when you visit! In the capital there is the Jardin D’Essai du Hamma, a huge botanical garden with every tree you can imagine to make your way around. It’s like a mini forest in the city.



2/ The food.

Algerian Food. Photo by Adel Bouhassane

A mixture of the Moroccan tagine style flavours that Brits know so well and the influence of their French ex-colonisers, Algerian food is unlike anything you’re likely to have had before. Algeria has a huge culture around food and time and as a result great effort is put into all food that is produced with delicious results!










3/ The history

Martyrs Memorial Algiers

Algeria’s history is still very much alive within the country, especially since their war for independence from France ended as recently as 1962. This monument in the capital, Algiers, serves to commemorate those that died in the war or liberation. The Gouraya National Park also has it’s own story behind it, as do many of the other sights. History continues to be made even now with Algeria being home to the biggest mosque in Africa, which is well worth a visit.


4/ The Desert

The Sahara Desert. Photo by Patrick Wuske

If exploring is more your thing then why not make plans to visit the Sahara desert. Taking up much of Algeria it offers stunning views and who wouldn’t want to ride a camel?!




5/ This picture of my brother

My brother covered in the Algerian flag. Photo by Adel Bouhassane.

Algerians are passionate about football and we never leave the house without the flag. At almost any football game there is always an Algerian flag in the background just letting you know they are there! Also, my brother will  be really embarrassed of this photo, so it was worth it just to put it in.






So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Algeria. You won’t regret it!

About Kahina Bouhassane

Kahina Bouhassane is a third year English Literature student at the University of Reading and Entertainment Editor of the Spark Online. She has published articles in local newspapers and publications and was one of the 2017/18 Editors of the Reading University Creative Arts Anthology. She has completed an NCTJ accredited Foundation course in Journalism and has worked internships in Publishing and Marketing.

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