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The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch: Unintentionally Hilarious

To best describe The Princess Switch would be to say that I had to watch 3 hours of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel afterwards just to settle myself. Of course there are many movies that are so bad they’re good out there, but few that have had me yelling with quite that much passion at the TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m forever a fan of the cliche and undeniably terrible, both in movies and as a description of my life, but The Princess Switch took it to a level beyond my wildest dreams. As a movie claiming to belong to the festive season, it certainly delivered on Christmas charm, that is if Christmas charm means that the country it’s set in consists only of one road that is straight out of Lapland. The comically Christmas set left no space for reality which fit perfectly with the ridiculous script. Call me a cynic, but in all my bad decisions regarding boys, not once have I fallen in love in 2 days, well, not unless the guy was really really cute.

Another part of the movie that really had me in stitches was Vanessa Hudgens’ awful English accent. Not only was it all over the place, but also completely unnecessary, as the film is set in the fictional country of Belgravia. Is it just that Americans think the UK is the only country with a monarchy or is British just the only accent that (they think) they can do? The fact that they named pretty much all of the royals in the movie after ours might give us a clue as to who they are based on.

Regardless of the ridiculous relationships in the movie, what seemed even stranger to me was the dynamic between the main character (played by Vanessa Hudgens) and her best friend (who falls in love with her look alike). I’d pay to be in the room when he tries to explain to his girlfriend that he really does just see his best friend, who looks exactly like her, more as a sibling, especially after their first kiss occurred when he thought it was her. If you’re confused, don’t worry, and don’t expect watching the movie to clear it up!

In summary, please please watch The Princess Switch, because maybe then between us we can all figure out how any of it could possibly make any sense at all.

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Kahina Bouhassane is a third year English Literature student at the University of Reading and Entertainment Editor of the Spark Online. She has published articles in local newspapers and publications and was one of the 2017/18 Editors of the Reading University Creative Arts Anthology. She has completed an NCTJ accredited Foundation course in Journalism and has worked internships in Publishing and Marketing.

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    Hilarious, a riveting read – ★★★★★

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