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Should politics be influenced by celebrities?

Nia Dalton, 3rd Year English Language writes…

Politics is changing. There is no longer a dichotomous divide between gossip and news.Celebrities are stepping up to the political podium and voicing their diplomatic opinions to their fans. The future of millennials is in the hands of the older generation, and the likes of Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian West and JME are striving to enforce global change. But, do these A-list stars have the power to change the world, and should we trust their knowledge of politics?

Ariana Grande recently reposted “Thank you, vote” and Kim Kardashian West captioned a post“I voted today for my baby right here and his future!!!”. Surely preaching about voting can only be a positive thing? If Kim K’s 129M followers took this advice, there might be more political action and global understanding. Last year, a #Grime4Corbyn campaign encouraged grime fans to vote for Labour, with artists JME and AJ Tracey representatives of the movement.Incorporating politics with music is a genius way to spread awareness, but are supporters voting with knowledge of right-wing parties, or simply to please their idol, Akala? These celebrities are getting millennials thinking about politics, and importantly, awareness influences change.

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