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Top 10 Things To Do On Campus

Welcome to the University! This  year we are hoping to have more  student’s work featured in the paper . You can see some here from last year. We’ve put together a visual guide of ‘campus hot spots’  for you to get involved in as you settle into student life.This is for all you new students out there who are unsure on what to visit on campus.


Credit Beatrice Ridge 3rd Year Art

Credit Beatrice Ridge, 3rd Year Art 

The 3Sixty:

Campus’s hottest night club complete with cafe’s and latest hits from the charts.  Available every Wednesday and Saturday night it is probably your number one place to go out during your stay. Hosting numerous events such as Freshers Ball for all you new students, Halloween, Summer ball as well as the newest edition of being Graduation Ball which started this year .

Credit Siliva Lazzaris, Masters Philosophy

The Library:

A perfect place to catch up on work, group study or revise for those end of year exams. With five floors of study space  tailored to your subjects like arts and humanities this is one to become familiar with throughout your time at Reading. The  friendly library staff are keen to help students navigate the bookshelves and there is also a cosy cafe for when you need a break from those assignments.

Credit Nathalie Siah, Law Graduate

Credit Nathalie Siah, Law Graduate

Cafe Mondial & Mojo’s:

Great for lunch or a chilled night out with mates. Complete with Quiz and Kareoke on Thursday nights as well as
Comedy nights. There is also an outdoor area available in both Mojo’s and Mondial for those hot summer days .

Credit Nathalie Siah, Law Graduate

Credit Nathalie Siah, Law Graduate

Sports Park:

The number one place for all you sporty types keen on keeping trim . With its own gym and pool its bound to meet all your needs. If you do plan to take up a sport during your time at Reading you will likely be training in here a fair amount .

Credit Manon Jones, 3rd Year Art & English Literature

Freshers Fayre:

Your building blocks for making new friends and finding something you love. Whether its sports,volunteering or a
society there is something for everyone. There have recently been new editions to each of these fairs  such as the comedy society and the beyonce society. If you have a hobby or want to add to this colourful ever growing list maybe your idea could make it for the next freshers fayre.

Credit Nathalie Siah, Law Graduate

Bagel Man (a.k.a Cereal Works):

If you are running late to class and need a quick bite. With over a range of fillings these scrummy bagels are sure to put a smile on your face. The staff are friendly and are dedicated to keeping their customers  happy from taking your order ,to asking how your weekend has been and even suggesting ideas on what to go for when deciding on your look for summer ball. This guy is notorious on campus  so be sure to go and grab a bagel.

Credit Manon Jones, 3rd Year Art & English Literature

Park Bar:

The best place to grab a drink at the end of the day, watch a game with friends and pre party before union night. One of the must go places for catered students as it is full of delicious snacks and meals to keep you healthy . It is also great for relaxing  after class with lots of seating a pool tables.

Credit The University of Reading

Ice House:

A cool bar located within Wessex’s Halls . It has fabolous range of drinks at cheap prices. There’s even a mini cinema which is great for a film night with friends or a cosy night in. Maybe even a potential spot for a first date ?

Credit Hui Yee , Law Graduate

The Harris Gardens:

A stunning place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of campus. Perfect for a picnic or a lazy day of reading those books for class you can spend ages in here surrounded by the wonders of the natural world.


Credit Manon Jones, 3rd Year Art & Photography

RUSU ( Your Student Union):

Your student Union has hosted many unique events throughout the year to keep you busy. From talks to food markets and charity events. Be sure to login to the RUSU website to check up on all the latest activities and important information on societies and sporting events.




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Sports Print Editor and previously Head Of Photography 2015/2017 . Currently studying Joint Honours Art and English Literature for her final year. You can often find Manon working hard on some project or thinking up wacky ideas. When she's not bogged down with work she's a force to be reckoned with on the rugby pitch. Contact Email : sport@sparknewspaper.co.uk Facebook Group: The Spark Sport

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