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You Know You’re a Reading Student When…

League tables and ranks on student satisfaction are never a complete picture of University. If you’re a Reading student, its culture and student life shines through right on campus. Here are some of our best quirks that makes our University stand out from the crowd!

1. You need to be in a glass pod

Open 24/7, all Reading University students can be found on the second floor mission focused and on the hunt for a glass pod. Once you’ve got one, they are the envy of campus. With these wide screen centered babies, looking like a CEO while eating fruit pastilles never looked so comfortable.

2. You wished you could swap to Business

You know you weren’t any good at math but being inside the Henley Business School made you wish you were part of its aura. This cool glass building is the best way to get into work mode, suit up and sip on coffee.  Why wouldn’t you with all the stock prices floating around in the ICMA Centre?

3. You form a healthy rivalry with Oxford Brookes

Ask anyone of us and we’ll agree, Brookes students have nothing on us. We’ve got the brains, beauty and athletics to shout about. If you aren’t sure, check YikYak just in case.

4. Theseus and the labyrinth has got nothing on you

Campus is a big place but after you’ve befriended a swan near the Agriculture building and picked some flowers at the Harris garden, you face the HumSS building.

Nothing can defeat you now! While becoming the next Avenger, navigating your way through this place is a second nature super power to any Reading student after a few 9 am classes and coffees. You’ll be buzzing to and fro from the café and zipping to the chique study space in five seconds flat. (Don’t get us started on the London Road campus!)

5. You get excited about the RED Award

Let’s face it, nothing makes you more special than getting your name on that RED Award certificate. This little prezzie is like getting an A on your spelling test but in Uni. This bonus on top of all the hard work that you do during the year makes you winner in employability. We all love Vicki Short.

6. You spend more time in Park Bar than your house

Healthy student life includes the amazing combination of snake bites and Domino’s. You haven’t lived if this colourful drink hasn’t spilled all over your clothes and you haven’t sung loudly to Shake it Off in front of a few cafeteria ladies. Still, if you’re not spending more time chilling out with your flatmates at Park Bar then you’d be better be sleeping or dead.

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